Building Birdhouses

Nesting boxes for the smaller birds should be made with entrances so small that gray squirrels can’t get in. Sparrows may be kept out of the wrens‘ nesting boxes by making the entrance not over one inch in diameter. They may be discouraged from building in other nesting boxes by taking the eggs, which involves • Read More »

Negotiating a Business Contract? Consider the Other Party’s Interests

People in business are constantly engaged in negotiating: with existing and prospective customers; with suppliers and other vendors; and, with others within their own organizations. Those who are successful in business are quite often those who have developed the skill set necessary to become effective negotiators. Good negotiators recognize that a successful negotiation is about • Read More »

Big Weight Loss Changes

Grabbing that Muffin on the way to work may be as, routine to you by now as brushing your teeth in the morning. However unconscious habits like these are difficult to break and can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts, especially if they have gone unchecked for a number of years! Actions really do • Read More »

The Gardenette or the Back Yard Garden

This article wasn’t written as a guide for those that have a large area to cultivate, and it isn’t intended for the use of professional market gardener, but meant to meet the needs of the beginner, or amateur, and especially those that have limited space available for this purpose. Few people realize the possibilities a • Read More »

How to Give Your Child a Good Health Start

Not very long ago, we used to think that the dreaded diseases that struck adults – heart attack, stroke and cancer – where the inevitable fallout of aging. Today we know better. Many of these adult afflictions have their origins in wrong habits and lifestyle practices inculcated in children. So, if we want our children • Read More »

The Flower Garden

The highest personal.note in the art of landscape design is the flower garden, and no scheme of landscape development is complete, no matter how small the property, which does not provide space for a garden. It is in the garden that our individual fancies as to the choice and arrangement of flowers may be indulged. • Read More »

When a Bankruptcy Attorney is Needed

Today’s economy has quite a few people getting into financial trouble. The outlook may even seem grim as the debts keep piling up. However there’s a way to get out of the crunch you’ve found yourself in. Bankruptcy may seem like your only remedy, but you need to know that there are more solutions than • Read More »

Losing That Fat Belly

What a title for an article, huh? Well, that’s the subject. This worked for me but I’m not going to promise you’ll get the results I did. Hey, I wasn’t even looking to loose weight when all of a sudden it became the end result of dealing with a memory problem. I’m fifty eight now • Read More »

Building Materials and Construction Estimation

Many new home owners preparing for the construction of a new home believe that when they buy a set of plans a materials list is included. The facts are that this is actually rare. Most architects, designers, and drafters do not supply these with their plans. Which opens another profession called “Construction Estimation”. A construction • Read More »

Reviving the Lost Art of Social Manners

Many of us were taught the adage, “Kindness will take you where money cannot,” and it represented an era that kept social manners in the forefront. These social manners included saying “thank you” by sending a card that was handwritten and expressive and not a short, impersonal tweet. Today, there exists a dying art of • Read More »