Free Sample Donation Thank-You Letter for Fundraising Gift or Contribution

Migrated from E-Articles R US The most important letter in direct mail fundraising never asks for a donation. Thank-you letters increase donor loyalty, strengthen relationships and increase your chances of receiving more gifts in the future, including major gifts and legacy gifts. But only if you get them right. Direct mail fundraising is about relationships, • Read More »

Effective Leadership Is Often About TIMING

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, considerations, of effective leadership, is whether things are done in a timely, well – considered manner. A truism to be remembered is that procrastination is, perhaps, the biggest carcinogen of leading! There is no place for putting things often, in order to hopefully defer personal responsibility, because, • Read More »

How to Avoid Buying a Lemon

For many people who aren’t mechanically-inclined, buying a car can be a stressful experience. There are many factors to consider. Often people worry that they will be taken advantage of and over-charged or sold a car that is a lemon, or a vehicle that may have unknown defects or a previous history of mechanical failure. • Read More »

5 Practical Ways to Save Money on Health Insurance

In today’s fast changing world, purchasing health insurance has become the top priority in ones’ financial planning. More and more people are concerned about health insurance as the medical cost is increasing and it has become unaffordable for many people. As a result, in order to reduce the financial burden on obtaining health insurance, many • Read More »

Training Basics For Dogs

Dog training basics are simple. Especially if the critter is young then it becomes really simple for you but keeping aside strict time for training is also a very important thing. Keep the training fun, motivated and relaxed. This should be a participating area where both of you can bond. Get yourself some basic dog • Read More »

Selecting Lures to Catch Largemouth Bass

Some fishermen use trial and error to choose the lures they will use to fish for largemouth bass. Expert bass fishermen know that choosing a lure is not a random choice. The following factors will help to determine which lure to use. Depth The prime concern for choosing a lure is depth. For example, a • Read More »

Surprising Benefits Of Playing Video Games

You might be surprise but do you know that playing video games has its benefits? Science has proven that playing video games not only improves hand-eye coordination but it can also be beneficial to the player as well. As humans depend more and more on technology to ease their way of life, playing video games • Read More »

The North and South

The North has Bloomingdale’s, the South has Dollar General. The North has coffee houses, the South has Waffle Houses. The North has dating services, the South has family reunions. The North has switchblade knives; the South has Lee Press-on Nails. The North has double last names; the South has double first names. The North has • Read More »

Health Benefits of Cacao Sampaka

Although there are plenty of chocolate varieties in the worldwide market but nothing is more valuable and trendy than “Cacao Sampaka” at all. Truly speaking, it has become the most widely accepted chocolate in the world nowadays. From kids to grownups, and from youngsters to elders, everyone would love to eat cacao sampaka in order • Read More »