Writing About How Easy It Is, Don’t Make it So

It seems that the VERY popular fashion of article writing is not unlike real world clothing fashion in that; the same things keep coming around with seasonal regularity. In fact, more so with the fast paced development of the ‘home business’ or ‘work at home’ article topic conveyor. I’m probably guilty of the above for • Read More »

Costly Winter Car Maintenance Mistakes

There are several mistakes a car owner can make during the wintertime that can lead to costly car repairs come spring and summer. If you are budget-conscious, and wish to avoid costly auto repairs, then it is strongly recommended to not make these same winter car maintenance mistakes yourself! All you have to do is • Read More »

Why Should You Use Social Media for Your Business

Success with social media will only be achieved if you know exactly why you’re doing it, what your objectives are and how you’re going to measure the results. Different objectives require very different approaches: Marketing Gaining traction to build a brand, sell stuff, build a community, get registrations etc. is becoming more and more difficult. • Read More »

Drawing Your Own Woodworking Plans

If you’re like me, I’m constantly finding things to build in my wood shop. Woodworking is one of the most rewarding hobbies I know of, and I can get rid of a weeks worth of stress in one evening in the woodshop. Searching the internet you’ll find a wealth of project plans free to whoever • Read More »

Creating a Residential Electrical Plan

An electrical plan is a plan view similar to the floor plan in that all the walls, doors, and windows are shown along with the electrical symbols that describe service to the house. It also includes what is known as a legend which defines what each symbol represents. There are several considerations that have to • Read More »

Spam in Your Comment Section

Everyone who writes online does so because they love to write. Some have pictures they want to share. Some share therapy. Some thoughts. Most everyone writes from experience, sharing what they’ve learned with others who want to learn. Those who share on social media also enjoy the responses and interactions with those who have read • Read More »

Tracfone Bonus Codes For Jan. 2017

Cell phone service prices can get expensive. Especially if you’re just wanting a cell phone to talk back and forth on. Tracfone has given us just that with their “disposable phones”. Below are bonus time codes that will help you stretch your phone time money. 60 minutes cards 12745 – Gives you 60 bonus minutes • Read More »

Preparations For Drawing A Floor Plan On A Drafting Board

What’s needed: * A drafting board of Course. Probably best to use one that will hold a twenty four inch wide by eighteen inch high sheet of paper. * A Tee Square or Parallel Bar. This way you can draw the floor plan square. Accuracy is important. The Tee square is used on the left • Read More »