A Career As A Draftsman (Drafter)

There’s always a need for drafters. Drafters are the professionals who create technical drawings from information given to them by professionals such as architects, engineers, designers, and surveyors. Drafters create drawings and plans on a drafting board or Computer Aided Drafting and Design program. These drawings are then used by craftsmen to create various projects or products.

A drafting board is just a piece of furniture that has a large top that can be set at different angles where the drafter can reach the entire piece of paper to draw. A CAD or Computer Aided Drafting and Design program is actually a virtual drafting board in a computer program.

1145There are many needs for drafters in all sorts of fields. Here are a several fields drafters are need in:


Architectural drafters prepare drawings of buildings, and houses. From sketches, the drafter builds sets of plans that include floor plans, exterior elevations, foundation or basement plans, and sectional details.

Engineering and Civil:

These drafters prepare drawings for roadways, structural drawings for big commercial buildings, topographical surveys, steel fabrication drawings, etc.


Survey drafters work for surveyors laying out land boundaries, topography, building and structure locations, etc. An authorized surveyor will “shoot” angular and vertical data of a bit of property, that is then compiled and interpreted in to a map of a bit of real estate by the drafter.

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