A New Building For a Retail Business

Retail is a very up front type business, meaning you are wanting to design it with a certain curb appeal that will draw the public eye and also leave a lasting impression to draw return customers.

If you will notice certain buildings, for instance the food service industry, there are certain trademarks that once mentioned, remind you of the business that is related that particular trademark or physical attribute. One for instance would be the golden arches. Who does not remember what building used to have large golden arches on each side of their store front. Picking and designing your own trademark for your new building will make a similar impression if it is done correctly.

I once saw a linen and curtain store that had the appearance of an old colonial plantation home. There were two such businesses in that particular city as a matter of fact. The first is the one I just mentioned and the second was in a plane Jane building in a strip shopping center. The one with the colonial design has lasted even to this day, but the other went out of business within a year even though their prices were less expensive and they kept a clean and tidy appearance.

One of the best examples I have seen was a bridle and tack shop that was built to look like an old west mercantile store. Before you even walked into the building, you had the feel of being in the old west. And the materials used to construct this building we no more than any other conventional building material.

Being a business owner who has decided to build a building for their business can be facing a very daunting task. Why not hire a design professional to help you with your new building?

Tim Davis is a fully trained Architectural Designer with over twenty years experience who would be more than happy to help you with your plans. His website is at http://drafting101.com/

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