A Wooden Dog Kennel Will Give You Peace Of Mind And Complement Your Landscape

For many dog owners, having an outdoor dog kennel can mean the difference between keeping a dog and finding it a new home. For others, the dog is not a family pet but a working or hunting partner. Here too an outdoor kennel is a must. There are many reasons that a backyard kennel can be a great solution. What you may not know is that you have alternatives to the traditional chain link kennel. In fact, a very good alternative is a wooden dog kennel that includes a house and a run. These wooden dog kennels not only provide year round protection from the elements, they make an attractive addition to any backyard.

Many people prefer the look of wooden dog kennels since they blend well into the natural environment. They weather naturally and take on a rustic look over time. Others prefer the fact that most wooden dog kennels provide their animals with complete protection from the elements since they normally include an area which is fully enclosed. This section is typically attached to a mesh enclosed run that allows the dog to enjoy the freedom of moving back and forth between the two. This is especially attractive for dogs that spend all their time out of doors.

Wooden dog kennels are available in a variety of sizes and some manufacturers will design them to your specific size specifications. If you have more than one dog, you may choose a wooden dog kennel that provides your dogs their own separate living spaces.
Since wooden dog kennels are small stand alone buildings they require a stable platform such as a concrete slab. The exact pricing of your wooden dog kennel will depend on the size you select and the manufacturer. Depending on the provider, installation may be included in the cost of the wooden dog kennel or it may be available at an additional cost. In some cases, you can order the materials and plans and take care of the installation yourself.

If you are unsure of the size kennel you need, the manufacturer can help you determine what layout will be best for your breed and temperament of dog. They can also help you decide what your space requirements are and instruct you on any work you need to do in preparation for kennel installation.

If you purchase a wooden dog kennel constructed of high quality pressure treated lumber maintenance requirements will be minimal. Treatment with a weather proofing sealer will help to prolong the new look of your kennel but many manufacturers will advise that even this is not necessary. A good kennel will be designed with inside maintenance in mind so that you will have easy access to keep your dog’s personal space fresh and clean.

For a beautiful and functional year round home for your dog, a wooden dog kennel is an excellent choice. Your animal will be protected from the elements and you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your dog is living in a safe, contained environment. As an added bonus, your wooden dog kennel will look lovely next to your landscaping or near your garden.

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