Growing up with a dad full of careers….

Growing up, my dad always worked multiple jobs to provide for his family. From being a Pastor, Chaplain, Architectural designer, reservist deputy, wrecker driver, manager at a storage facility, veteran, trained in CSI and a daddy. That is a whole lot of jobs. But, if you ask my mother along with my siblings, we would • Read More »

Whats more fun: vaping, or smoking?

There is a huge controversy all over the United States if vaping causes oil to stick in your lungs, to which Doctors are concerned “Oh, there’s no cure for removing this type of oil from your lungs, but you are just going to have to quit everything cold turkey, I wish ya the best of • Read More »

When pets are actually your “babies”.

When you’re young, happily married and not quite there yet to start a family, pets seem to always be the temporary “replacement” for that “baby fever”. There is actually more perks to having pets as your babies than actually having to go through the painful, sometimes unpleasant waiting game for 9 months, not to mention • Read More »