Blackberry Desserts

During berry season you can serve a different dessert every day using berries as the main ingredient. There are many ways to serve this fruit. As a basis for a long list of gelatin desserts, a plain blackberry jelly can also be made. The following recipes are made with three cups of liquid or 1-1/2 • Read More »

The Missouri Evening Primrose

One of the most desirable of the trailing Evening Primroses is the one called the Genothera missouriensis or macrocarpa, which has the advantage of being cushion like. Pretty either by day or in the evening, although it opens better at night than through the day. It is best known by the names given above, but some • Read More »

A Few Cookie Recipes

Oatmeal Drop Cookies Work one cupful of shortening until creamy, using all butter or equal proportions of cooking oil and butter. Add one cupful of sugar gradually, while beating constantly; then add two small eggs, beaten until light, one-third cupful of milk, one and one-half cupfuls of rolled oats, one cupful of raisins, seeded and • Read More »

An Ultra Easy Chili Recipe

Not sure where I got this one, but you’ll love it. This ultra easy beef chili recipe is so scrumptious that even the pickiest of souls is sure to love it! And for the health freaks out there, this chili recipe even comes with extra vegetables. The meat can also be substituted with either chicken, • Read More »

Planting A Rose Garden

In many ways, October is the best month for preparing the rose garden. You can take advantage of the abundance of fallen leaves to give you an great foundation for the flower bed. Too many people try to grow roses as isolated bushes in the lawn. It’s much better to plan for a narrow border • Read More »

Making Chocolate Creams With Fruit Centers

Maraschino cherries, drained and dipped first in melted fondant flavored with almond, and then coated with chocolate, are delicious. A fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored, used in the making of candy and the icing and decoration of cakes. Bits of candied pineapple dipped into fondant • Read More »

Natural Health For A Woman

Women’s health has been a major interest lately with good cause. Popular topics like breast cancer, hormone replacement therapy, heart disease, anti aging methods, sexual health, etc., have been filling blogs over the internet. The latest advances in medicine and technology offers us one many new synthetic products. Yet many ladies are looking at older, • Read More »

Real Discipline For A Child

Quite often we think of a disciplined child is a kid that does what they’re supposed to do instantly. Instant obedience is really only one example of good discipline by an outside force applied to a child by their mom and dad, teacher, or later as they’ve grown, by a work supervisor, or an officer • Read More »

Cooking Wild Game

With the opening of hunting season, some ladies of the house and newbie hunters are asking how to cook wild game. Let me see if I can shed some light on the subject. As I was growing up, my daddy owned and operated a hunting preserve in central east Tennessee. I was quite often called • Read More »

History And Training Of A Cat

The common cat has many varieties of coloring and shape and isn’t a tamed descendant of the larger wild cats but like other domestic animals probably came from the far east. It’s usually thought to be the descendant of the Egyptian cat which was certainly domesticated in Egypt in the thirteenth century B. C. The • Read More »