Making Chocolate Creams With Fruit Centers

Maraschino cherries, drained and dipped first in melted fondant flavored with almond, and then coated with chocolate, are delicious. A fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored or colored, used in the making of candy and the icing and decoration of cakes. Bits of candied pineapple dipped into fondant • Read More »

Natural Health For A Woman

Women’s health has been a major interest lately with good cause. Popular topics like breast cancer, hormone replacement therapy, heart disease, anti aging methods, sexual health, etc., have been filling blogs over the internet. The latest advances in medicine and technology offers us one many new synthetic products. Yet many ladies are looking at older, • Read More »

Real Discipline For A Child

Quite often we think of a disciplined child is a kid that does what they’re supposed to do instantly. Instant obedience is really only one example of good discipline by an outside force applied to a child by their mom and dad, teacher, or later as they’ve grown, by a work supervisor, or an officer • Read More »

Cooking Wild Game

With the opening of hunting season, some ladies of the house and newbie hunters are asking how to cook wild game. Let me see if I can shed some light on the subject. As I was growing up, my daddy owned and operated a hunting preserve in central east Tennessee. I was quite often called • Read More »

History And Training Of A Cat

The common cat has many varieties of coloring and shape and isn’t a tamed descendant of the larger wild cats but like other domestic animals probably came from the far east. It’s usually thought to be the descendant of the Egyptian cat which was certainly domesticated in Egypt in the thirteenth century B. C. The • Read More »

Bird Feeding Stations

Winter gives us an great opportunity to become acquainted with our fine feathered neighbors. Up north where the snows come early and very often stays on the ground for weeks, there’s a shortage of natural food for the wild birds. Many bird lovers throughout the country take advantage of this by giving food to the • Read More »

How to Win Playing Solitaire

How many of you have played Solitaire in Windows and can’t seem to get past that gosh darn 33% win ratio? It gets frustrating, I know. I’ve tried to get past that 33% for quite a while now. One day though, I started remembering certain of the games I played that always, for the most • Read More »

Types of Solitaire

All games of Solitaire are played with the full pack of fifty-two cards. The games may be roughly divided into two classes; those in which the result is entirely dependent on chance, and cannot be changed by the player after the cards have been shuffled and cut; and those which present opportunities for judgment and • Read More »

Making Jellies, Jams, and Canned Fruit

Grape Jam Wash the grapes picked from the stems, then press on the grapes with your thumb and forefinger one by one to separate the pulp from the skin. Heat the pulp over the stove eye until it softens and changes color a little. With a pestle, rub the pulp through a puree strainer, leaving • Read More »

A Well Designed Kitchen

When designing a new home, it is always a good idea to spend some time carefully considering the kitchen and its layout. After all, this is where the family meal is usually prepared and there’s nothing more important than the family meal to keep the family as a unit. The most popular layout today includes • Read More »