Building A New Web Site And Getting Traffic

Here’s the scenario; You’re starting a new business on the net and you haven’t got a lot of cash to invest. That’s not a problem if you have the extra time to work online. Now you can probably also tell by my name (McFree), I love to not spend money unless I have to. So • Read More »

Bankruptcy and the Federal Consumer Protection Act

You just get home from work or maybe you were out looking for work and you check your answering machine. What do you find? Messages left from debt collectors. Even more aggravating, while you’re checking those messages the phone rings again, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s another bill collector. If you owe, debt is • Read More »

About Criminal Law

What is Criminal Law? Criminal law is an area of law where a person is accused of an act that’s considered a crime to the community at large and punishable by a fine, and maybe even jail or prison time. This includes, but not limited to: Assaults Thefts Fraud Harassment DUI which is driving under • Read More »

Using Public Storage Buildings

Every one of us have excess or extra stuff that needs to be stored. Many have a garage, attic, or basement that you can pile things in but these get cluttered and over flowing too. The logical solution would be to weed through these things and discard those that we really don’t need. But what • Read More »