Pike Fishing

The Pike (Esox lucius) is one of the most popular quarry among coarse fish. Some fishermen say he’s the King, as the carp has been called the Queen of freshwater fish. The pike is a sporting fish that grows to a large size and gives thrilling excitement to the one catching him. The pike is • Read More »

Literature Of Ancient Anglers

Who was the first fisherman and how did he fish? Was there any honesty in his yarns he spun? No doubt, these questions may never be answered. The first fish story was told very long ago, and in all probability early mankind were fishermen. There are quite a few references to fishing in the Bible! • Read More »

Bass Fishing

In most States the open season for black bass is a long one, much longer than for brook trout. In general, the law protects the bass only during the spawning season which for a period of two months, all the rest of the year is open season. May and June are usually closed months, and • Read More »

Sporting Spaniels

In general, most breeders agree that the various breeds of the Sporting Spaniel family, with two possible exceptions, have a common source in their origin. Their name indicates that these dogs are native of Spain. From Spain the ancestral stock spread to other countries, especially England, where most of the present day breeds like Springers, • Read More »

History Of Fly Fishing

The beginning of the very honorable and ancient art of fishing is somewhat lost in the hazy legends of the past before men made a pictured or written record of events. Nearly all ancient peoples had their quaint fables on the origin of angling and many of these legends tell us that the art was • Read More »

The Foxhound

Foxhounds are said to have originated from a cross of the Bloodhound and the Greyhound. The English breed is very old, records showing that it has been systematically bred in Great Britain for a period of 400 years. In America, Foxhound breeding dates back to the mid 1700’s, with two distinct types of hounds produced, • Read More »

Bird Hunting Dogs

Bird dogs, with rare exceptions, are the best natured dogs in the world. They’re as affectionate as they can be, and not mean natured at all. To me, a handsome pointer or setter is one of the finest dogs in the world. Not only are they a beautiful animal, but undeniably one of the prettiest • Read More »

Fishing Knots And Hitches

One of the most puzzling things to the beginner is the question of the proper knots and hitches to use in assembling his tackle, and the beginner is often known by the “knots” that he “ties.” A few of the most commonly used knots and hitches are given below. Half Hitch The most common and • Read More »

How To Train Your Dog

There’s a few rules you need you understand before teaching a dog tricks. If you keep those few rules in mind firmly before you try to teach a single trick, you’ll have less trouble and you will be amazed at what you can teach most any dog. Keep your temper. That means that if you • Read More »

Building Or Placing A Duck Blind

Building a duck blind on freshwater lakes and ponds, one of the most important things to remember is that there should be a harmony between the color of the material used and the surrounding growth. In other words, a big green blind in a bed of yellowish green or a light straw colored one along • Read More »