How To Train Your Dog

There’s a few rules you need you understand before teaching a dog tricks. If you keep those few rules in mind firmly before you try to teach a single trick, you’ll have less trouble and you will be amazed at what you can teach most any dog. Keep your temper. That means that if you • Read More »

Building Or Placing A Duck Blind

Building a duck blind on freshwater lakes and ponds, one of the most important things to remember is that there should be a harmony between the color of the material used and the surrounding growth. In other words, a big green blind in a bed of yellowish green or a light straw colored one along • Read More »

Cold Outside

Working and playing outside in the cold has its challenges for sure. Most people think that if they bundle up with a thick coat they will be fine. However,  once they become active outside they sweat (yes, you can sweat in freezing weather) through that single layer and get sick, or worse, become hypothermic from • Read More »

Exercising Your Dog

The amount of exercise needed by a dog depends directly on that dogs size and temperament and indirectly on the amount of the food he eats. Since the amount of exercise that’s given to the animal is determined by existing conditions, the dog should be chosen whose exercise needs will conform to these conditions and • Read More »

Snakes Of North America

Poisonous Snakes Of North America Rattlesnakes.—There are thirteen species of Rattlesnakes, all poisonous, found in North America, and one in South America, and there are none anywhere else. They are: Dog-faced Rattlesnakes, Texas Rattlesnakes, Timber Rattlesnakes, Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Prairie Rattlesnakes, Pacific Rattlesnakes, Tiger Rattlesnakes, Horned Rattlesnakes, Green Rattlesnakes, White Rattlesnakes, Massasangas, Edwards’ Massasangas, Ground Rattlesnakes. • Read More »

The Black Bear

The black bear is the best known of the bear species because of its large numbers and wide geographical distribution. It inhabits all sections of the world except Australia. He’s known by naturalists as the Baribal and the Ursus Americanus. On this continent the black bear is found from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic • Read More »

Bluefish And Small Mouth Black Bass

In saltwater or fresh, no matter what the species of fish, a fisherman with a bluefish hooked on light tackle feels as if he has hold of a bag of wildcats. When you first get your hook set on him, he’s absolutely beyond the control on a rod and reel. His runs are so violent • Read More »

Bottom Fishing For Brook Trout

Though we can’t class the speckled trout as a bottom feeder, there are times and places when he can’t be caught any other way. This is usually in ponds and lakes that have been stocked artificially, especially if the water has been dammed up for a short time. In that case their food is almost • Read More »

Squirrel Hunting

A squirrel is defined in the dictionaries as “a small, agile quadruped.” Some of the definitions of the squirrel are less plain and or easily understood; but there’s no doubt about the squirrel. Go gunning for him and you have a hard target to hit because agility is his middle name. Naturalists tell us that • Read More »

Training Hunting Dogs

When training dogs for hunting we have two main things to not do: One is to not train your dog too young. Some pups with the hunting instinct bred right into them will go right out at six or seven months and show what they’re really made of, but these are rarer than hen’s teeth. • Read More »