My Favorite Guns: The Remington 870

I received my first gun when I was 3 years old. As a small child, it seemed I was destined for a love of firearms. My grandfather always carried a Remington 870 Wingmaster in the now politically incorrect rifled rack in the back window of the 68 ford pick-up. It was always a thrill to • Read More »

Nature`s Medicine: Healing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyone has heard the old adage. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Indeed it proves to be true. In varying forms, either ingested or used externally, apples can help cure various ailments without having to use OTC drugs or even prescriptions. Dating back to ancient times, Apples have been utilized as a medicinal • Read More »

Dog Training Basics

When training your dog it’s important to always remain patient and level headed. Remember your dog is a dog! He doesn’t understand things the same way that you do. He will not understand if you yell instructions at him. He will only become scared of you if you do this. This is not a good • Read More »

Anyone Can Body Build

People often associate strength training or bodybuilding with large bulging muscles which can look great on a man but not so good on a woman! Obviously, building muscles is part of this type of exercise program but there are other benefits which can help both men and women. Stronger muscles can reduce the risk of • Read More »

Quantitative Data Analysis

If you have decided that a large survey is the most appropriate method to use for your research, by now you should have thought about how you’re going to analyze your data. You will have checked that your questionnaire is properly constructed and worded, you will have made sure that there are no variations in • Read More »

A Greenhouse Provides Many Advantages for Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is the science of growing plants in a controlled environment without soil – free from soil borne pests and diseases. Hydroponically grown plants are raised in greenhouses under carefully monitored and controlled conditions. Gravel is normally used as the medium to support the plant’s roots within the hydroponics greenhouse. Carefully mixed nutrients are • Read More »

Best Ways To Get Inbound Links

SEO One-way Web Links I’ve only seen five strategies that really work consistently for getting hundreds of links. Less Effective One-Way Link Strategies Yet there’s perennial interest in alternative linking strategies. They range from bad to OK, but none offer as much potential as the five major ways of getting links. Link farms never seem • Read More »

Importance Of Water In Our Diet

One of the factors that affects our serum cholesterol levels is our weight. “If you are overweight or obese, losing even just a few pounds can help lower your cholesterol level. There is no magical formula for weight loss, of course, but reducing portion sizes and cutting out things you can easily live without, such • Read More »