Food for Thought, Hell or Hades

If you’re a Christian who speaks English, no doubt you’re using an English translation bible. Right? And if you want to be on the cutting edge of bibles, why would you want to use something as old and archaic as the King James Version. Of course you wouldn’t when you have treasures like the New • Read More »

22 Online Business Ideas for Moms

If you’ve thought of creating an online business in the past but never knew what to base your business on, I made a list for you to help kickstart your brain to generate some ideas. You can create an online business on nearly anything, some of you may think that you have nothing to offer, • Read More »

How to Build a Circular Deck

Circular decks are considered to be the best option when it comes to choosing a deck that possesses a curved feature that requires railings. But most platforms that possess a circular design require an immense cantilever, which is a condition that puts a limitation to the overall size of your wooden platform. It is simply • Read More »

Starting a New Career After 50

For those who are over fifty and are looking to start a new career, you need to consider exactly what you mean by “new”. Are you looking for a new job that allows you to use the same skills that you have used for many years? Or are you making a complete change to a • Read More »

Defusing Difficult Conversations

It was 1984, and the second presidential debate between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan was underway. After the first debate, critics observed that Reagan looked tired, and they wondered if he might be too old for the job. Understanding how this precarious issue could affect the outcome of the debate-and the election-Reagan’s team went to • Read More »

Insurance Facts You May Not Know

Formal insurance coverage has been arguably there for individuals and business since the late 1800’s. For the layman, though, not everything in a homeowner, auto, property and commercial policy is what it may seem. On a practical level, it’s important to meet with an experienced independent agent to review your needs, explain options and plans • Read More »

Breakthrough Battery Charging Technologies

Battery chargers are devices that feed electric currents into rechargeable batteries to renew their energy. Protocols for charging depend of the type of battery being used and its size. Some batteries are programmed to tolerate overcharging while being connected to a constant current source. Such kinds may need manual disconnection when the battery is recharged • Read More »