Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Set of House Plans

Depending on how much detail your builder or local building inspector requires, the minimum set of plans should include the floor plan, exterior elevations, foundation or basement plan, and a roof plan drawn to scale. Just so you’ll know, a scale is nothing more than a shrunken ruler so that 1′ -0″ (12 inches) is • Read More »

As Built Remodeling Drawings

When we need to make alterations or additions to an existing building, the drafter finds that they need an accurate drawing of the structure as it stands. This is called an As-Built drawing. If the original drawings of the building aren’t available, it is then necessary that we measure and recorded it in some quick • Read More »

Finding a Suitable Barn to Convert Into a Home

There is a trend lately to find unique and affordable housing and many have turned to converting a barn into a home. In my area of East Tennessee, there are some fine examples of this including the one I converted. It’s needless to say that there are many barns in various shapes and sizes all • Read More »

Using Meta Tags

For search engines to categorize and place your website into it’s search strings, you need to have certain lines of code in your html header. This code tells the search engines: 1. What your site’s all about. 2. What keywords you feel are relevant to your site. Many programmers make the mistake of placing too • Read More »

An Easy Article Tutorial

You’re here to get exposure for your site using article marketing. Right? Well, lets see if I can help you with that. Step 1 Write an article about the subject of your site or product. Simple, right? Well, it can be simple, but the trick to it is that you really don’t want to seem • Read More »

The Creation Of An Architectural Rendering

To manually render a drawing is to make a still life of an exterior elevation or view of a building requires either a natural gift for art or a great deal of practice. It’s a subject most usually only taught in a university or higher learning technical school. Some high schools attempt to teach it, • Read More »

Creating House Plans

The field of technical illustration known as architectural draftsmen or drafters are the specialists who draw the architectural and structural features of a building for new construction. These professionals may specialize in various types of building, like residential, structural, or commercial. A major part of these people use a tool called a CAD or Computer • Read More »

Bow and Arrows

Everybody should know that the inventor of the bow and arrow lived long before history was written. Ancient, medieval and modern history gives us evidence that the bow and arrow was one deadly and reliable weapon. The ancients used powerful weapons made of composition, such as horn, wood and catgut. The English long bow, like • Read More »

Drawing Your Own Woodworking Plans

If you’re like me, I’m constantly finding things to build in my wood shop. Woodworking is one of the most rewarding hobbies I know of, and I can get rid of a weeks worth of stress in one evening in the woodshop. Searching the internet you’ll find a wealth of project plans free to whoever • Read More »

Creating a Residential Electrical Plan

An electrical plan is a plan view similar to the floor plan in that all the walls, doors, and windows are shown along with the electrical symbols that describe service to the house. It also includes what is known as a legend which defines what each symbol represents. There are several considerations that have to • Read More »