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This really isn’t a new concept. Sites like forum post exchanges have been around for quite a while. Someone would post an offer to place posts on whoever’s message board in exchange for someone posting on their board. The Forum Promotion site is a perfect example. This is the same idea for blogs. But there are very few blog comment exchanges on the internet because it’s an idea that hasn’t fully caught on yet. And when it finally does catch on, there will be a bunch of them for just about every subject or niche.

Search engines value content, but very few know that they value interaction on that content just as well. I understand that Google has even altered their algorithms to look for comments on blogs. Why? Well it actually makes sense since more and more blogs are on the internet. To actually figure out which one is more popular, the search engines take the comments into consideration as well.

A comment exchange is a God send to struggling blog webmasters. Upon joining the exchange, you can browse through offers from different commenters, find the offer that suits your needs for your subject matter, and then reach an agreement to post on their blog. You may even find blog owners who are in the same niche as you are but you aren’t in competition with. But the idea couldn’t be simpler actually.

And one of the greater advantages to posting comments on another persons blog is that you can usually post your web URL with your comment. This wonderful opportunity allows you to receive back links to your site. In my humble opinion, that’s a win/win situation and to me, the greatest thing since the invention of peanut butter. WordPress, being one of the most popular of the blog platforms, has made commenting easier than the rest by setting their comments section where anyone can comment. No, this isn’t a plug for WordPress, but it bears mentioning. Exchanges on the WordPress platform allows you to place your name, plug your own website, and place your comment.

This isn’t to say that the other blog platforms are inferior. Goggle’s blogs are great too. Not only that, but it is part of the search engine company you’re really wanting to get listed in. I’ve seen posts and comments show up in search results on Google within a day.

It’s up to you to seek out these exchanges if you have some time to invest in your own blogs popularity. It may even save you some SEO money.

Tim Davis is the webmaster for the brand new Blog Comment Exchange at Please come by and join us. I believe you’ll be glad you did.

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8 comments on “Blog Comment Exchanges

  1. Rachael Mills says:

    I think this is a really nice concept. Once people catch up on it, it will become a very good cost effective SEO tool.

  2. Jake says:

    Good to know! I got to discover recently that blog comments can also help a website get ranked in some particular keywords, most of the traffic I get to my website are base on keywords from comments. Comments exchange will be really cool.

  3. TheBestOfTheBest says:

    Comment exchanges could be an interesting ideas when it comes to adding more words in Google’s eyes but any SEO improvements could be undone if the person you are exchanging comments with writes something that is completely irrelevant to the topic of your article.
    Small tip for Please use a real domain instead of a free subdomain.

  4. Tech Head says:

    Blog and Post exchange are used to populate the forums and make them look more interesting to the public. The more interesting and the more content you have, the more people you have to sign up. Forum Promotion is a really good webmasters site that helps struggling webmasters.