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When pets are actually your “babies”.

When you’re young, happily married and not quite there yet to start a family, pets seem to always be the temporary “replacement” for that “baby fever”. There is actually more perks to having pets as your babies than actually having to go through the painful, sometimes unpleasant waiting game for 9 months, not to mention • Read More »

Sporting Spaniels

In general, most breeders agree that the various breeds of the Sporting Spaniel family, with two possible exceptions, have a common source in their origin. Their name indicates that these dogs are native of Spain. From Spain the ancestral stock spread to other countries, especially England, where most of the present day breeds like Springers, • Read More »

The Foxhound

Foxhounds are said to have originated from a cross of the Bloodhound and the Greyhound. The English breed is very old, records showing that it has been systematically bred in Great Britain for a period of 400 years. In America, Foxhound breeding dates back to the mid 1700’s, with two distinct types of hounds produced, • Read More »

Re-Homing Animals Happens

It can be frustrating and hurtful some days scrolling down Facebook and reading banners with odes to animals, poetry to animals like “I will always keep you forever, I’ll never leave you at an animal shelter. My commitment to you will never die.” There’s another banner showing a picture of a dog driving the car, • Read More »

Love your Animal Companion? Spay or Neuter

Ozzie, my four-month old Rottweiler peered up at me with his big brown eyes, as I temporarily left him for a very important surgical procedure. As much as it broke my heart to drop off my “baby” at the local humane society, I know it was the responsible thing to do. What Ozzie doesn’t know • Read More »

Bouncy Jacks

I have to admit, I had no idea what this article was going to be about. I was at the beach, totally relaxed, with not a care in the world. I sat down to write this article several times and I was drawing a complete blank. I sat and looked at the empty screen and • Read More »

Dominant Dog Behaviors

A dominant dog can rather quickly become an overly aggressive dog, which can then end up in a serious dog bite attack. Dog bite injuries can be complicated. Knowing the potential signs and signals of an aggressive dog may help to stave off an attack. No one wants to be bitten by a dog. There • Read More »

Helping Your Anxious Dog Chill Out

Does your dog get anxious? A typical Vet may prescribe a pharmaceutical product. While smaller in dose, it’ll be one of the popular human anti-anxiety drugs such as Prozac, Clomicalm or Elavil. These drugs are not without serious side effects. Consider the following more natural alternatives… Herbs Valerian is a mild sedative that calms and • Read More »