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How to Build Your Custom Dream Home This Year

Building the home of your dreams could be accomplished sooner and easier than you may think. After you have an idea of the type of home you want to build, there are some easier ways to get your home built quicker. This means that you can put your dreams into high gear and have that • Read More »

Drawing Your Own House Plans

Drawing a set of house plans isn’t a simple matter when you think about all the elements that make up a set of residential architectural plans. You need to first think about all the needs of your family, understand the local codes, know what style of house you’re wanting, know what sort of foundation you • Read More »

Living In A Barn

After the unique experience of converting a barn into a home, I have to say it’s defiantly a life changing way to live. My wife and I choose a barn conversion over standard construction because of the lower building costs, not to mention being just plain different from the rest of the folks around these • Read More »

What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)

A bill of materials is a compiled list that specifies the materials used to build a building or residence. When a contractor or home builder prepares to build, they first use a mathematical process to calculate the amount of lumber, doors, shingles, windows, etc., will be needed to complete the project. The process starts with • Read More »

A Well Designed Kitchen

When designing a new home, it is always a good idea to spend some time carefully considering the kitchen and its layout. After all, this is where the family meal is usually prepared and there’s nothing more important than the family meal to keep the family as a unit. The most popular layout today includes • Read More »

Scale Drawings of House Plans

Working drawings contain all plans, elevations (both exterior and interior views), sections, scale details and full size details necessary for the adequate construction of a home. The scale drawings of a structure are those which show the general layout of the entire building, locating the various features of the layout, showing their relation to each • Read More »

Turning A Barn Into A Home

In late 2000, I bought a piece of property that was used as a farm for the past three generations for horses and tobacco. And even though just under six acres, was one of the prettiest pieces of land you ever laid eyes on. One half of the property is wooded and the remainder is • Read More »


Architecture is the harmonious combination in a structure of both utility and beauty. The term utility means the function, or purpose, of a building. The uses of buildings are many and various, and the considerations taken into account in their planning, are therefore diverse and complex. So, a hospital needs to be planned to give • Read More »