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Growing up with a dad full of careers….

Growing up, my dad always worked multiple jobs to provide for his family. From being a Pastor, Chaplain, Architectural designer, reservist deputy, wrecker driver, manager at a storage facility, veteran, trained in CSI and a daddy. That is a whole lot of jobs. But, if you ask my mother along with my siblings, we would • Read More »

Real Discipline For A Child

Quite often we think of a disciplined child is a kid that does what they’re supposed to do instantly. Instant obedience is really only one example of good discipline by an outside force applied to a child by their mom and dad, teacher, or later as they’ve grown, by a work supervisor, or an officer • Read More »

Coloring pages for all kids

With the advent of the internet, into our children’s educational lives; the coloring books have become obsolete. Gone are the days when your child would be absolutely thrilled at the mere sight of the colors and the book along with it. The reason for this is that they have found a new and fascinating source • Read More »