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How To Store Ink Cartridges

There’s two things you need to think about when you put you ink cartridges in storage. Is the ink cartridge still sealed in its original package? Is the ink cartridge sealed up after being used for some time in the printer? Defiantly, stored and sealed ink cartridges can and will outlast ink cartridges already in • Read More »

To Do List Software: 6 Quick Tips for Getting More Done

For many of us, the pressures of daily life – particularly our working lives – demands that we have in place at least some rudimentary form of task management system, to help us juggle our burgeoning work-loads. Without at least a semblance of a system in place, not only are we less productive – able • Read More »

Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

Installment 1 Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP When a user is browsing through a website and is surfing from one web page to another, sometimes the website needs to remember the actions (e.g. choices) performed by the user. For example, in a website that sells DVDs, the user typically browses through a list of DVDs • Read More »

An Introduction to WordPress Plugins

Plugins are software components with different functions that can be incorporated into a WordPress website. They can expand functionality or include other features in your WordPress websites. Written in the PHP scripting language, WordPress plugins smoothly blend with WordPress. The saying “there’s a plugin for that” is commonly heard in the WordPress community. They help • Read More »