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Making Jellies, Jams, and Canned Fruit

Grape Jam Wash the grapes picked from the stems, then press on the grapes with your thumb and forefinger one by one to separate the pulp from the skin. Heat the pulp over the stove eye until it softens and changes color a little. With a pestle, rub the pulp through a puree strainer, leaving • Read More »

A Well Designed Kitchen

When designing a new home, it is always a good idea to spend some time carefully considering the kitchen and its layout. After all, this is where the family meal is usually prepared and there’s nothing more important than the family meal to keep the family as a unit. The most popular layout today includes • Read More »

Making Jelly

Many think that if fruit is stirred while cooking, it won’t give you as clear a jelly like it would if you just let it cook, but so many cooks disagree on this point, and each jelly maker can decide this matter for their own self. Jelly made from dripped juice doesn’t need to be • Read More »

Better Digestion Naturally

One common health complaint in modern times is that of indigestion. Evidence of this fact are the steep hikes in GI medication prescriptions being written: 1 in 15 American outpatients receiving GI medicine prescriptions in 1997, increasing to 1 in 10 by 2007. This condition (called dyspepsia) is characterized by a feeling of fullness, tenderness • Read More »

Canning Methods

For home canning, two distinct methods are generally used: 1. Cooking in a saucepan and then transferring the article to the sterilized cans, and 2. Cooking the product in the jar in which it is to be stored. Cooking in the oven is sometimes given as a third way of home canning, but the food • Read More »

Common Ways Of Cooking Food

Baking is cooking in confined heat in the oven. Examples: Bread, cake, meat. This method when applied to meat is commonly called roasting. Before baking, see that the oven is clean and heated to the desired temperature. Boiling is cooking by immersion in water at 212° P. Examples: Potatoes, cabbage, macaroni. Braising is a combination • Read More »

Food Brings People Together

We all eat; usually 3 times a day (sometimes more). But some people are so busy they don’t even think about it. They just find something really quick and move on through their day. But food is so much more than something we eat. Food brings people together and here are a few of the • Read More »

A Few Cookie Recipes

Oatmeal Drop Cookies Work one cupful of shortening until creamy, using all butter or equal proportions of cooking oil and butter. Add one cupful of sugar gradually, while beating constantly; then add two small eggs, beaten until light, one-third cupful of milk, one and one-half cupfuls of rolled oats, one cupful of raisins, seeded and • Read More »