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How to Win Playing Solitaire

How many of you have played Solitaire in Windows and can’t seem to get past that gosh darn 33% win ratio? It gets frustrating, I know. I’ve tried to get past that 33% for quite a while now. One day though, I started remembering certain of the games I played that always, for the most • Read More »

Types of Solitaire

All games of Solitaire are played with the full pack of fifty-two cards. The games may be roughly divided into two classes; those in which the result is entirely dependent on chance, and cannot be changed by the player after the cards have been shuffled and cut; and those which present opportunities for judgment and • Read More »

Surprising Benefits Of Playing Video Games

You might be surprise but do you know that playing video games has its benefits? Science has proven that playing video games not only improves hand-eye coordination but it can also be beneficial to the player as well. As humans depend more and more on technology to ease their way of life, playing video games • Read More »