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The Gardenette or the Back Yard Garden

This article wasn’t written as a guide for those that have a large area to cultivate, and it isn’t intended for the use of professional market gardener, but meant to meet the needs of the beginner, or amateur, and especially those that have limited space available for this purpose. Few people realize the possibilities a • Read More »

The Flower Garden

The highest personal.note in the art of landscape design is the flower garden, and no scheme of landscape development is complete, no matter how small the property, which does not provide space for a garden. It is in the garden that our individual fancies as to the choice and arrangement of flowers may be indulged. • Read More »

Vegetable Gardening-Which Style Will Suit You

Every gardener has his own set way of growing things, this is what makes him suitable for certain gardening styles. If you know this yourself and your gardening style, then you will adapt the growing of your organic garden to your abilities. This will be a big help for the yield of your vegetables. Doing • Read More »

The Missouri Evening Primrose

One of the most desirable of the trailing Evening Primroses is the one called the Genothera missouriensis or macrocarpa, which has the advantage of being cushion like. Pretty either by day or in the evening, although it opens better at night than through the day. It is best known by the names given above, but some • Read More »

Witches Broom And How To Battle It

A hobby I really love is gardening.  Roses, In particular.  My place has at least forty rose bushes of many different colors and sizes.  From the fragrant Julia Child to the red Lincoln rose, my yard is the home of all sorts from early Spring until late Autumn.  But also my property, which includes several acres • Read More »

Easy Guide to Hydroculture

We have all heard about hydroponics; well, let me introduce you to hydroculture. Hydroculture is a system that was developed from hy­droponics, the technique of growing plants in wa­ter to which all necessary nutrients have been added. In hydroculture, the roots that develop in water, which are a little different from roots grown in soil, • Read More »

A Greenhouse Provides Many Advantages for Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is the science of growing plants in a controlled environment without soil – free from soil borne pests and diseases. Hydroponically grown plants are raised in greenhouses under carefully monitored and controlled conditions. Gravel is normally used as the medium to support the plant’s roots within the hydroponics greenhouse. Carefully mixed nutrients are • Read More »

Planting your Roses

Planting Your Roses When you receive your roses plant as soon as possible. If the ground is waterlogged heel them in out of the frost. Keep the roots moist. If the roots are all dry, immerse in a bucket of water for an hour before planting. Make a hole large enough to spread the roots • Read More »

Building A Greenhouse

Outside gardeners that have a small greenhouse to nurture small seedlings have found that their greenhouse is handy as a hay rake after mowing day. After someone has owned a plant house for a few seasons, the next step is to build an addition and utilize the house or houses for crop production as well • Read More »