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Coach Your Way Out Of Depression

One definition of depression is sadness, unhappiness, low spirits, pessimism and discouragement. Who in their life hasn’t experienced one or more of these feelings? Yet something has changed which means that when we feel sad or unhappy, we are now labelled as depressed. When really we might be feeling sad or unhappy. We are told • Read More »

Four Reasons to Give Cosmetic Dentistry a Try

For anyone who has ever wanted a better smile, there’s never been a better time to try cosmetic dentistry. Technology keeps improving, so procedures like teeth whitening have never been more effective. And in today’s social media-centered society, appearance matters more than ever. Just in case someone needed more convincing, here are four ways cosmetic • Read More »

Whats more fun: vaping, or smoking?

There is a huge controversy all over the United States if vaping causes oil to stick in your lungs, to which Doctors are concerned “Oh, there’s no cure for removing this type of oil from your lungs, but you are just going to have to quit everything cold turkey, I wish ya the best of • Read More »

Better Digestion Naturally

One common health complaint in modern times is that of indigestion. Evidence of this fact are the steep hikes in GI medication prescriptions being written: 1 in 15 American outpatients receiving GI medicine prescriptions in 1997, increasing to 1 in 10 by 2007. This condition (called dyspepsia) is characterized by a feeling of fullness, tenderness • Read More »

Big Weight Loss Changes

Grabbing that Muffin on the way to work may be as, routine to you by now as brushing your teeth in the morning. However unconscious habits like these are difficult to break and can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts, especially if they have gone unchecked for a number of years! Actions really do • Read More »