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The Commonest Cause of Marriage Conflict Today

“The best thing you could ever give someone is your TIME, because you’re giving something that you’ll never get back.” – Author Unknown The amount of time couples give to each other must be inversely proportional to the amount of conflict experienced. Time equals communication, and communication means information, and information breeds empowerment for both • Read More »

Using Public Storage Buildings

Every one of us have excess or extra stuff that needs to be stored. Many have a garage, attic, or basement that you can pile things in but these get cluttered and over flowing too. The logical solution would be to weed through these things and discard those that we really don’t need. But what • Read More »

A Well Designed Kitchen

When designing a new home, it is always a good idea to spend some time carefully considering the kitchen and its layout. After all, this is where the family meal is usually prepared and there’s nothing more important than the family meal to keep the family as a unit. The most popular layout today includes • Read More »

How Do I Know If I Am In An Abusive Relationship

Pregnancy and the hope of a new life can be heartwarming and a wonderful time. However, pregnant women living in domestic violence situations, pregnancy can be filled with fear, uncertainty and insecurity. Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, is often physical but can also be economic, emotional, verbal, sexual and even stalking. It • Read More »

Spring And Fall Cleaning

Putting your house in order is one thing. Keeping it in order is another. Years ago, there was a theory that every house, no matter how well kept, how frequently swept and scrubbed, has to be turned upside down and out by the roots twice a year for the spring and fall cleaning. At those • Read More »

You Can’t Go Home Again

The title is the title of a book written by Thomas Wolfe. This book was not published until after Wolfe’s passing in 1940. I have read parts of the book, and have concluded that the author wrote of his feelings of anguish. He was a German ex-patriot in America during the early 1900’s and he • Read More »