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When It Comes to Marriage, It Takes Work

You get dressed up, stand in front of your friends and family, spend an insane amount of money for pictures & food (which you usually can’t take home), and when it’s all said & done, you’re exhausted. Welcome to being married. Now, while this may be a somewhat trite & narrow view at this institution, • Read More »

The Hidden Effects of Divorce On Children

Find out the true effects of divorce on children… Summary: There are often mixed opinions about the true effects of divorce on children. The following article covers facts gathered from various resources over the years. We’ll shed some light on and uncover the REAL effects that divorce could have on your children should you choose • Read More »

Save Your Marriage Ladies and Gentlemen

Are you wanting to become a statistic? Well, if you allow your marriage to go down the tubes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. If your marriage ends, you will become one out three unions that end because one or both of you refuse to do the right thing. Men, this may sound a little • Read More »

The Commonest Cause of Marriage Conflict Today

“The best thing you could ever give someone is your TIME, because you’re giving something that you’ll never get back.” – Author Unknown The amount of time couples give to each other must be inversely proportional to the amount of conflict experienced. Time equals communication, and communication means information, and information breeds empowerment for both • Read More »