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Spring And Fall Cleaning

Putting your house in order is one thing. Keeping it in order is another. Years ago, there was a theory that every house, no matter how well kept, how frequently swept and scrubbed, has to be turned upside down and out by the roots twice a year for the spring and fall cleaning. At those • Read More »

You Can’t Go Home Again

The title is the title of a book written by Thomas Wolfe. This book was not published until after Wolfe’s passing in 1940. I have read parts of the book, and have concluded that the author wrote of his feelings of anguish. He was a German ex-patriot in America during the early 1900’s and he • Read More »

What Constitutes a Marriage Recognized by God

First, the marriage of Adam and Eve was consecrated by God Himself. Marriage in fact is the first institution established by God for man. And it being the first must be very important. So important that the Savior likens the relationship of Himself and the church as a marriage which will be consecrated in Heaven • Read More »

When It Comes to Marriage, It Takes Work

You get dressed up, stand in front of your friends and family, spend an insane amount of money for pictures & food (which you usually can’t take home), and when it’s all said & done, you’re exhausted. Welcome to being married. Now, while this may be a somewhat trite & narrow view at this institution, • Read More »

Mommy, I’m Bored!

Imagine this:  Its a soggy summertime day, the kids are all at home, and are weary of lying about with nothing to do.  The programs on TV are getting repetitive, and they aren’t interested in reading books.  Their tedium is foremost in their thoughts, and they just will not cease sounding off about it. How • Read More »

How to Clean Tile Floors and Grout

If you live in an area with variable weather, such as Michigan, or just have a high-traffic home, it can leave your tile and grout looking dirty, faded and dull over time. Normal scrubbing and wiping are not enough to penetrate the ground in dirt that clings to grout. Unsealed, or untreated, tile and grout • Read More »