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When It Comes to Marriage, It Takes Work

You get dressed up, stand in front of your friends and family, spend an insane amount of money for pictures & food (which you usually can’t take home), and when it’s all said & done, you’re exhausted. Welcome to being married. Now, while this may be a somewhat trite & narrow view at this institution, • Read More »

Mommy, I’m Bored!

Imagine this:  Its a soggy summertime day, the kids are all at home, and are weary of lying about with nothing to do.  The programs on TV are getting repetitive, and they aren’t interested in reading books.  Their tedium is foremost in their thoughts, and they just will not cease sounding off about it. How • Read More »

How to Clean Tile Floors and Grout

If you live in an area with variable weather, such as Michigan, or just have a high-traffic home, it can leave your tile and grout looking dirty, faded and dull over time. Normal scrubbing and wiping are not enough to penetrate the ground in dirt that clings to grout. Unsealed, or untreated, tile and grout • Read More »

The Hidden Effects of Divorce On Children

Find out the true effects of divorce on children… Summary: There are often mixed opinions about the true effects of divorce on children. The following article covers facts gathered from various resources over the years. We’ll shed some light on and uncover the REAL effects that divorce could have on your children should you choose • Read More »

Save Your Marriage Ladies and Gentlemen

Are you wanting to become a statistic? Well, if you allow your marriage to go down the tubes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. If your marriage ends, you will become one out three unions that end because one or both of you refuse to do the right thing. Men, this may sound a little • Read More »

The Father of the Groom’s Role

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is no doubt that the parents of the groom can end up feeling like an afterthought. To be sure, most of the attention is focused on the bride and her parents, but that does not mean that the mother and father of the groom cannot be a • Read More »

The Best Surveillance Camera Set Up

When you look into your surveillance cameras you should consult with a locksmith and ask them what the very best set up to use is for your particular location. Your locksmith will have a lot of experience with security systems and will know how to get the most out of your property, and at the • Read More »

Growing up with a dad full of careers….

Growing up, my dad always worked multiple jobs to provide for his family. From being a Pastor, Chaplain, Architectural designer, reservist deputy, wrecker driver, manager at a storage facility, veteran, trained in CSI and a daddy. That is a whole lot of jobs. But, if you ask my mother along with my siblings, we would • Read More »