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Building a Solid Social Media Strategy

If your business is still young and you are just putting all of the pieces into place that will eventually bring you a great deal of success, you may not understand all of the power that social media holds and having a solid social media strategy will be one of the most pivotal and effective • Read More »


Think of DHTML as not a singular technology but a combination of three existing technologies glued together by the Document Object Model (DOM): 1. HTML – For creating text and image links and other page elements. 2. CSS – Style Sheets for further formatting of text and html plus other added features such as positioning • Read More »

Video Marketing Vs Video Advertising

Are you confused about the difference between video marketing and advertising? Don’t worry about it, most people are. Despite being involved with broadcast and video production for over eleven years I still get confused and need to think about it. There are still grey areas and huge overlaps and these are only becoming less clear • Read More »

Online Christian Charity – What To Do And What Not To Do

There are many folks out there who are really in need. We have to realize this. For a Christian to practice the love of the Savior, Jesus Christ, we must understand this: James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and • Read More »

Types of Spam and How to Avoid Or Cure it

Personally, I have never, ever sent out any type of advertising email of any sort out of respect for others privacy. I figure if they want to find me and my sites, they can do that on search engines and directories or from the byline on the articles I write. But I have been plagued • Read More »

How to set up an email signature in Yahoo mail

Yahoo is always there for their customers to give their support in any situation of facing a problem. If you are a new user then it is possible that you don’t know everything about the features provided by the Yahoo team. Because Yahoo has many features which they mainly give their customers for using their • Read More »

22 Online Business Ideas for Moms

If you’ve thought of creating an online business in the past but never knew what to base your business on, I made a list for you to help kickstart your brain to generate some ideas. You can create an online business on nearly anything, some of you may think that you have nothing to offer, • Read More »