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About Criminal Law

What is Criminal Law? Criminal law is an area of law where a person is accused of an act that’s considered a crime to the community at large and punishable by a fine, and maybe even jail or prison time. This includes, but not limited to: Assaults Thefts Fraud Harassment DUI which is driving under • Read More »

Negotiating a Business Contract? Consider the Other Party’s Interests

People in business are constantly engaged in negotiating: with existing and prospective customers; with suppliers and other vendors; and, with others within their own organizations. Those who are successful in business are quite often those who have developed the skill set necessary to become effective negotiators. Good negotiators recognize that a successful negotiation is about • Read More »

When a Bankruptcy Attorney is Needed

Today’s economy has quite a few people getting into financial trouble. The outlook may even seem grim as the debts keep piling up. However there’s a way to get out of the crunch you’ve found yourself in. Bankruptcy may seem like your only remedy, but you need to know that there are more solutions than • Read More »

How to Choose a Lawyer

When selecting an attorney, there are a number of important factors to consider. This article focuses on one: is the attorney you have contacted a “referral attorney”? Referral attorneys are attorneys who advertise to attract clients, but do not represent clients themselves. Instead, they forward the client on to another attorney. A typical referral attorney • Read More »

Dominant Dog Behaviors

A dominant dog can rather quickly become an overly aggressive dog, which can then end up in a serious dog bite attack. Dog bite injuries can be complicated. Knowing the potential signs and signals of an aggressive dog may help to stave off an attack. No one wants to be bitten by a dog. There • Read More »

Civil Law: What It Is, And How It Affects You

Civil law is one of those subjects many people don’t know much about (no, watching those court TV shows is no substitute for actually learning what civil law is), and yet it affects them every day. If you’re ever involved in litigation, you may need to hire a civil lawyer. What Is Civil Law Anyway? • Read More »

Shelter For Your Dog

If you let your dogs run loose, you’re probably breaking a state law or two. Most states have a “Dog At Large” law, which means you’re not allowed to let your dog roam free on the roadways or neighboring homes. That is unless they’re working dogs on their way from a hunt or herding livestock. • Read More »

Bankruptcy and the Federal Consumer Protection Act

You just get home from work or maybe you were out looking for work and you check your answering machine. What do you find? Messages left from debt collectors. Even more aggravating, while you’re checking those messages the phone rings again, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s another bill collector. If you owe, debt is • Read More »