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Building a Solid Social Media Strategy

If your business is still young and you are just putting all of the pieces into place that will eventually bring you a great deal of success, you may not understand all of the power that social media holds and having a solid social media strategy will be one of the most pivotal and effective • Read More »

Let’s Get Personal With Predictive Analytics

Marketing is all about showing why consumers need your product. But it certainly includes some element of prediction – what do people want or need and how can it be related to your product? This is called predictive analytics – the skill of scrutinizing data and using the information to work out what customers want, • Read More »

Tips to Help You Make Your First Sale

Two Ways to Make Your First Sale Since 2006 I’ve tried every which way to make sales. Whilst some methods worked great, many failed. In a nutshell there have only been two CORE methods I’ve used to make sales consistently, month after month, year after year. Here they are: Method 1. Generate or Buy Leads • Read More »

Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing has a wide variety of possibilities and methods with which you can achieve your marketing goals. Pre-planning and the right setup to achieve  success are the things you will need to make your ebusiness and your reputation grow. First, you  don’t want to  get over-zealous.  The main thing you need to avoid at • Read More »

Make Money From Public Domain

When looking for suitable quality products to offer to their niche, many internet marketers overlook a rich source of already available material. There is a very rich vein of gold to be mined in the area of the “public domain”. Lots of people have heard the term, without actually realising what it is, or, indeed, • Read More »

Shut Up And Get To The Point

The other day I was finishing my dinner and about to watch the latest episode of 24 when the phone rang. “No problem,” I say to myself and quickly pressed the pause button on the Tivo. I glance down and who’s on the phone but Ted – an old high school buddy. Now, this might • Read More »

Strategic Internet Marketing Is Planning

Strategic Internet marketing is a way to define your potential market. Before you build a website or Internet business you must studying your potential customers, examine your competition, and explore your opportunities for success. Optimum sales require optimum effort on your part. Starting an online business without first looking at strategic Internet marketing is a • Read More »