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Have You Ever Hit a Brick Wall?

Have you ever hit a brick wall, something so solid and immovable that you can’t see any way around it, no matter how hard you try? It can cause you to feel a failure, perhaps isolated from others, as despair and frustration set in. Life doesn’t always go to plan; in fact sometimes we can • Read More »

Growing up with a dad full of careers….

Growing up, my dad always worked multiple jobs to provide for his family. From being a Pastor, Chaplain, Architectural designer, reservist deputy, wrecker driver, manager at a storage facility, veteran, trained in CSI and a daddy. That is a whole lot of jobs. But, if you ask my mother along with my siblings, we would • Read More »

MacGyver Yourself Into Success

In the great wisdom of TV entertainment, the popular 90s series MacGyver is back, re-hauled and re-cast, with fresh young faces, but the point is the same: trouble occurs, MacGyver is (usually reluctantly) called to the rescue, and “MacGyvering” ensues. Which, for me, is the appeal of the show: what on earth is MacGyver going • Read More »