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Defusing Difficult Conversations

It was 1984, and the second presidential debate between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan was underway. After the first debate, critics observed that Reagan looked tired, and they wondered if he might be too old for the job. Understanding how this precarious issue could affect the outcome of the debate-and the election-Reagan’s team went to • Read More »

The Psychology of Humor

On why humor is about power, control and the balance of intellect and emotions In ancient times, humor or comic was strictly censored. In places like Greece and Egypt, jokes were even forbidden in social situations. Considering the almost taboo nature of humor, it’s hardly surprising that humor never received particular attention from ancient scholars. • Read More »

What I’d Wish I’d Known at 19

Ever wished you’d known something before you stepped into it? Many times, I’m sure. But there’s a problem with knowing things before we step into them. If we knew what we were about to step into we would never step. Thirty years on from the time I was 19, there are some things I wish • Read More »

Doing What You Can From Where You Are

We’re limitless within the design of our humanity, yet we go about pretending we have no power. So focused on what burdens our mind, our heart has such little vision for inspiration, never seeing we’re powerful beyond measure from where we are. From where you are, you have unique insight to make an inimitable contribution • Read More »

How To Say No To Someone Without Feeling Guilty

One of the Reasons I Push For My Clients To fill up their daily planner…and I mean fill it up…is because, if you really think about it…that’s real life. Try to remember when you last had time to just sit and do nothing. No laundry to do, no cooking, no housework. Everything in your life • Read More »

MacGyver Yourself Into Success

In the great wisdom of TV entertainment, the popular 90s series MacGyver is back, re-hauled and re-cast, with fresh young faces, but the point is the same: trouble occurs, MacGyver is (usually reluctantly) called to the rescue, and “MacGyvering” ensues. Which, for me, is the appeal of the show: what on earth is MacGyver going • Read More »