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Pike Fishing

The Pike (Esox lucius) is one of the most popular quarry among coarse fish. Some fishermen say he’s the King, as the carp has been called the Queen of freshwater fish. The pike is a sporting fish that grows to a large size and gives thrilling excitement to the one catching him. The pike is • Read More »

Literature Of Ancient Anglers

Who was the first fisherman and how did he fish? Was there any honesty in his yarns he spun? No doubt, these questions may never be answered. The first fish story was told very long ago, and in all probability early mankind were fishermen. There are quite a few references to fishing in the Bible! • Read More »

Bass Fishing

In most States the open season for black bass is a long one, much longer than for brook trout. In general, the law protects the bass only during the spawning season which for a period of two months, all the rest of the year is open season. May and June are usually closed months, and • Read More »

History Of Fly Fishing

The beginning of the very honorable and ancient art of fishing is somewhat lost in the hazy legends of the past before men made a pictured or written record of events. Nearly all ancient peoples had their quaint fables on the origin of angling and many of these legends tell us that the art was • Read More »

Fishing Knots And Hitches

One of the most puzzling things to the beginner is the question of the proper knots and hitches to use in assembling his tackle, and the beginner is often known by the “knots” that he “ties.” A few of the most commonly used knots and hitches are given below. Half Hitch The most common and • Read More »

Selecting Lures to Catch Largemouth Bass

Some fishermen use trial and error to choose the lures they will use to fish for largemouth bass. Expert bass fishermen know that choosing a lure is not a random choice. The following factors will help to determine which lure to use. Depth The prime concern for choosing a lure is depth. For example, a • Read More »

Bluefish And Small Mouth Black Bass

In saltwater or fresh, no matter what the species of fish, a fisherman with a bluefish hooked on light tackle feels as if he has hold of a bag of wildcats. When you first get your hook set on him, he’s absolutely beyond the control on a rod and reel. His runs are so violent • Read More »

Bottom Fishing For Brook Trout

Though we can’t class the speckled trout as a bottom feeder, there are times and places when he can’t be caught any other way. This is usually in ponds and lakes that have been stocked artificially, especially if the water has been dammed up for a short time. In that case their food is almost • Read More »