Factors To Consider When Preparing For Disaster Events

All smart homeowners have solid plans for disaster events. These individuals have stocked away sufficient water, food and first aid supplies for meeting the needs of their households in the event of an earthquake, severe weather event or even economic collapse. No matter how likely you think that any of these things may be, it certainly never hurts to have what you need on hand just in case. Following are several critical considerations that you should make, should you and your loved ones ever be forced to either temporarily or permanently go off the grid.

Potable foods that will retain their viability over an extended period of time is one of the first things that you should load up on. If an earthquake, massive fire or other disaster occurs, people who have stockpiled enough durable goods to last them through this challenging time will definitely enjoy the most overall comfort. For obvious reasons, canned foods and dry pantry items like beans and rice are among the most beneficial in times like these.

Also, make sure that you have sufficient tools for opening your dry goods and actually using them. It will do you no benefit to have row upon row of canned beans if you have no can opener. If any of your food items must be heated before consumption, whether for safety or enjoyment, make sure that you have the appropriate tools and equipment.

The best first aid kits are designed to address a very broad range of mild to severe injuries. Be mindful of the fact that you will probably have a hard time connecting with medical response teams after a natural or national disaster. These units are likely to be inundated with service requests.

A basic first aid kit will have little more than bandages, antiseptic and gauze. Look for one instead that additionally includes tools for making sutures, stopping the flow of blood, immobilising broken bones and more. These are medical-grade kits that you can buy online.

If there is anyone in your home who is regularly using prescription medication to manage a chronic health issue, be sure to stock up on an extra supply of this for your emergency kit. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting refills when the whole world seems to be in a state of chaos. This is especially important to do for those with hypertension, asthma, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Remember that water is your most crucial resource to have. While you may be able to last for up to three weeks without food, you really on have about three to four days without water, before your body starts shutting down. As such, you should have sufficient supplies on hand for accommodating the drinking needs of every member of the family.

You will also need to account for the water that’s necessary for bathing, cooking and even rehydrating dried foods. For this reason, you want to go beyond merely stocking a few bottles in your garage. Consider the benefits of investing in an above ground water tank for your property or even a more discrete, in-ground design. Should an emergency event occur, this will likely give you access to sufficient water for meeting the needs of your own family and possibly those of other households.

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