Free Is Not Always Great If You Ask Me

Although you may love what you do so much that you’re tempted to give your services almost for free, it is still for your own sake not to give away your business. Businesses after all are set up in a way that it should create profits in order to live. Without the means to create revenues for your business, you are just wasting your time creating a niche for yourself in your own industry.

Stop giving reasons on how you are better off giving your services for free as it provides you with enough satisfaction to do so. And stop doing the service of providing information that you don’t have anything else left for yourself especially when you print brochures or other marketing collaterals to advertise your business. As I’ve said, giving away the farm that easily is not beneficial to you or your business. On the contrary, giving away too much for free can oftentimes be detrimental to the health of your business. How?

1. You can only give something away for free…to an extent.

Sure, it is okay even awesome for you as a business person to be able to give something for free to your target clients in your brochure printing for example. It sure beats the regular way to get your name known by your target clients. Anything for free is often bait for new prospects to become interested in your offer. This way, you are able to provide them with a glimpse or a taste of what you can do to benefit your target clients. But the bottom line is to give to a certain extent. This means not having to give the farm and all the animals and plants too. Make sure that you provide a free offer that don’t require too much of your time and effort as well as resources to give out. And your marketing strategy will be sufficient attractions for your target clients.

2. It can be a disservice, more than a benefit.

We more often than not find it satisfying to unleash all our knowledge and skills to our target clients that we don’t keep in check what we give out to our target clients in the form of information. In fact, we’re so excited to share what we know that we often stop short of sharing what is more important – our products and services. When we give our skills and expertise for free without having our target clients know about our business in the process, then that is a disservice to our business that needs to be checked right away. So be sure to let your target clients know about your products and service while sharing your expertise with them. You give them more service when you share your products and services to answer their issues and concerns.

3. You only hamper your target clients’ ability to invest in something they believe in.

When your target clients believe in what you do, definitely they will invest their hard earned money into your offer. You are only making a great disservice to them if you don’t allow them to do so. Just look at it this way – if you paid a good amount of money on something, don’t you want to get your money’s worth by taking action and really investing in what they have acquired? Same with your target clients. They will do even more action according to your call if they know they have invested big on your offer.

The bottom line is that free is not always a good offer to make. If you want your target clients to really invest in you, you have to provide them with something worthwhile and substantive.

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