Getting Noticed in a Crowded Internet

Getting seen on the search engines is a challenge. There’s got to be a gazillion websites on the internet and counting. You may think the odds are stacked against you to even get listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo. And if you do get listed, you get buried in the maze of hundreds of other sites similar to yours. Don’t get discouraged. These are the odds everybody face, and just because they are daunting obstacles doesn’t mean you can’t make it out there.

Making the assumption you’ve already built a site that plainly tells everybody your intentions or conveys your thoughts on what you’re wanting everybody to learn. And maybe you’ve submitted your URL to that site using one method or the other. Wonderful, that’s a good start but most people leave it there thinking they’re about to get a flood of traffic only to find that after a few weeks, no hits.

Here’s why.

Because of the volume of sites similar to yours is probably huge, your site is actually like a drop of water being dropped into a lake full of water. Once the drop hit’s the lake (search engines), it’s indistinguishable from the rest of the lake. You have to make your site stand out. The way to do this is to author content in the form of articles and blog entries.

Articles, in all reality, are simple to compose if they’re about stuff you’re interested in. Especially easy if the subject is something you’ve got a passion about. Write them and then submit them everywhere you possibly can. Make sure they are worded different from everywhere you publish them. But don’t stop there. Make sure you post those altered articles on your own site somewhere.

I did mention a blog didn’t I? I even have placed links on my blog or article pages back to where my article is posted on ezine sites. Back links are the greatest thing since peanut butter. What’s even more wonderful is when your article starts migrating to other folks pages. Then you have some wonderful and much needed popularity links.

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