Getting rid of the Debt Collector

Some time ago I received a letter from a debt collector who said I owed a huge debt to their phone company client. This really blew my mind because I didn’t have a debt with their client except my usual monthly bill. Nevertheless, they persisted in sending harassing letters.

I found out that as a U.S. citizen, I have the right to tell them to take a hike and leave me alone under the Federal Consumers Protection Act. Below is the letter I sent that stopped the harassment once and for all and got the debt collector out of the picture so that you can deal with the one who you originally have a problem with.

The Debt Collectors Name, Inc.
P.O. Box 00000
Somewhere, Ga 00000
Herman Munster
66 Mocking Bird Lane
Out There, NY 00000

Account #BR549

Debt Collectors,

When exactly did I enter into a contract that allowed your company to meddle in my personal affairs? I don’t remember signing such a document, much less even agreeing to such an action. Please produce this document if it exists and send me a copy of it.

Nevertheless, I dispute this alleged debt even exists and cannot remember ever making such a debt of the outlandish amount claimed by you or the one you claim to represent. Therefore, please stay out of my personal affairs. If I have a problem with the Telephone Company, then let the Telephone Company handle it.

If you or an agent for your company have made any negative report using my name and personal information to a credit reporting agency, I demand you immediately remove it and return any and all documentation referring to me back to the Telephone Company.

Furthermore, you are not to contact me in any way in the future except by mail to let me know you are complying with my demand.

Thank You,
Herman Munster

I am no way offering legal advice here, but it never hurts to share something that helped me get rid of a headache. Once the collector turns the debt back over to the one who originally started the trouble in the first place, you have the ability to clear it up without having to deal with Debt Collector harassment.

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