Going “Green” With Alternative Energy

The amount of development in green technologies today is mind boggling. Alternative energy in particular is getting a lot of attention and receiving support worth billions of dollars from government grants, corporate investments and venture capitalists. With so much of talk about alternative energy sector it is very hard to differentiate between the substance and fluff – this article elaborates over two specific green technologies that may have a huge impact on everyone’s lives very soon.

First is geothermal power, the concept of Geothermal power is mostly well understood but for those who do not understand, following is a simple explanation. If one goes into a conventional wine cellar which is about six to eight feet in depth has a constant temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Geo thermal power uses the exact same principle to cool homes in summers and heat them in winters. This is done by simply pumping water or any other suitable liquid underneath a conventional home, which changes its temperature using the constant temperature present underneath and is then pumped back around the parameter of the house. This therefore becomes a heat sink during summers and a source of heat during winters; this helps dramatically to reduce electricity and requirements of gas for heating or cooling.

Geothermal technology is available to all and is almost limitless as it can be used for more than just heating and cooling. Therefore more implantation of this technology around the world can be expected in recent years to come.

The second technology is that of advanced bio fuels. Before moving forward it must be noted that advanced bio fuels refer to transportation fuels that are different from Ethanol. This is because although Ethanol can be produced locally and reduces the dependence on imported fuel, it is far more inferior to other fuels as it only contains about 60% fuel value of Diesel or Gasoline. Ethanol also has many other problems such as being largely dependent on crops eat for food (and hence effect their supply), being corrosive, ability to absorb water which makes it incompatible with many existing engines and the vast network of pipelines meant for transferring oil.

On the other hand advanced bio fuels have a fuel value equal to fuel value of gasoline or that of diesel and are largely produced by non food crops and cellulose. By using non food crops and using land not meant for food production they have eligible impact on food prices or their supply. Furthermore as they are not corrosive or absorbent to water they will seamlessly replace petroleum derived fuels without any compatibility issues. This will in turn have a great impact on the world’s energy dependence on imported oil without incurring any significant transfer cost.

To sum it all up these two technologies will bring about significant changes to the world as we know it because of their efficiency and cost effectiveness. They will therefore help countries make better use of their resources and reduce the overall problem of climate change.

Brian is a freelance tech writer and avid screenwriter who works with a lot of cool gadgets and technology. Visit his website, http://www.ScreenwritingBasics.com to receive free screenwriting help and film making career advice.

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