Helping Your Anxious Dog Chill Out

Does your dog get anxious?

A typical Vet may prescribe a pharmaceutical product. While smaller in dose, it’ll be one of the popular human anti-anxiety drugs such as Prozac, Clomicalm or Elavil.

These drugs are not without serious side effects.
Consider the following more natural alternatives…


Valerian is a mild sedative that calms and soothes nerves. It helps with acute anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity and restlessness. It also helps with muscle pain, muscle spasms, cramps and diarrhea.

With pets tincture form may be easiest, tho you can also get it in capsule form and dry herb form to create a tea or simply mix it in with food.

Avoid if your pet is pregnant or nursing and do not use in combination with other sleep or anxiety medications.

Skullcap helps with nervous tension. It’s more sleep inducing than Valerian.

There are two varieties – American and Chinese. The American variety is the relaxant. (The Chinese variety is more for infection, inflammation and allergies).

Skullcap is sometimes called “mad dog” since it was used to treat symptoms of rabies.

Again, avoid if your pet is pregnant or nursing.

Passionflower is a mild sedative that helps with anxiety, insomnia and nervous gastrointestinal conditions. It also can lower blood pressure.

Avoid using with pregnant or nursing pets and also in combination with prescription anxiety drugs.

Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower remedies are gentle and very pet friendly without any side effects.

Specific Bach Flower Essences that are good with anxiety are:

Aspen is for generalized or vague anxiety, fear and over-sensitivity.

Cherry Plum is for pets who are high strung and/or very territorial. They may tremble, become frantic, aggressive or violent.

Larch is for self-confidence and works well with pets that are timid, shy or easily dominated.

Mimulus is for specific fears such as thunderstorms and helps with courage and trust.

Rock Rose helps when fear elevates to panic or terror.

Those 5 of the Bach Flower Essences related to anxiety.

Rescue Remedy is a formula Dr. Bach created for stress and trauma. It includes 5 different Essences: Cherry Plum and Rock Rose from above and Star of Bethlehem (for trauma and numbness), Impatiens (for tension and irritability) and Clematis (for being grounded).

The Bach Flower Essences are economical and gentle.

Get the best information to make the wisest natural care choices for your companion using herbs, nutrition and Bach Flower Remedies. Keep your pets happy and healthy. Visit to learn what your Vet won’t tell you.

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