History And Training Of A Cat

The common cat has many varieties of coloring and shape and isn’t a tamed descendant of the larger wild cats but like other domestic animals probably came from the far east. It’s usually thought to be the descendant of the Egyptian cat which was certainly domesticated in Egypt in the thirteenth century B. C. The domestic cat spread through Europe from Egypt probably before the Christian era. At first sparsely and mostly confined to those who could afford a high price of having a pet. It’s quite possible that other species may have been domesticated somewhere else and mated with the Egyptian.

The fur of the cat is longer than that of the other feline tribes and it has a greater resemblance to leopards than to lions. The idea of majesty is not connected with it, however. There is yet a wild species in existence which that lives in the mountainous and wooded districts of the northern part of England, as well as sections here in America. Although I believe the temperament of the wild species is less agreeable than the already domesticated cats.

Training A Cat

It’s not easy to train a cat. A lot of patience is needed to get them to do even the simplest of tricks. The best results can be achieved by taking a kitten at a very early age. Three months is a good place to start. However to begin with, the first trick is not a trick at all. It’s the creation of good hygiene habits in the kitten. If you’re going to keep a cat in the house, your going to have to teach it to not leave it’s waste wherever it takes a notion to. To make her a clean cat and perfectly housebroken comes only by thorough patient teaching on the part of the owner.

For the cat to do it’s business, place a cat box with kitty litter somewhere in the cellar or bathroom. The cat needs to learn the proper place to perform certain functions of nature. When you got to go, you gotta go in the right place! In order to impress this fact on your feline:

  • At the first offense, the cat’s nose should be rubbed aggressively, not gently, in the place where it’s done it’s no-no. After doing this, immediately be carried to the litter box and held there a minute or two, patting her gently the meantime. This is an great method and never fails if you persistently followed it up for a week or ten days. The cat is by nature an excessively clean animal and if not allowed to exercise outdoors should be provided with means for remaining clean. The cat box is the best way to do that even though you have to empty it out often. Leave a cat box in the house too often and it is going to stink up the whole house.

By nature cats are very afraid of dogs. It terrifies them at the very sight of a dog and they look on canines as common enemies. This strong dislike for dogs can be overcome if the kitten is taught gently and firmly that the dog really just wants to make friends. At leas most do. It’s not possible to make the cat friendly to every dog it meets but it’s comparatively easy to keep the house dog and cat on friendly terms.

  • When the kitten is very young, it should be placed constantly near the dog on his front paws, on his back, and across his tail. The dog is actually the more intelligent beast of the two and will probably immediately understand what’s expected of him. The kitten will spit, hiss, and ruffle her fur, but if the dog is made to endure these beginning to a firm relationship, the tendencies to fight on the part of the cat will soon wear away. If a bond is made between a dog and a cat the friendship is forever. The remainder of their existence will be passed in friendly rivalry for their owner’s attention.


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2 comments on “History And Training Of A Cat

  1. Weaver Wife Weaver Wife says:

    I’m going to try this with my cat, she is so stubborn!

  2. Britanica says:

    I have had dogs and cats under the same roof almost my whole life. I find that when you want to train a kitten, your best bet is to do with with a well trained dog! Not even joking! Thanks to my one German Shepherd, my younger cat learned to sit, give paw, speak, and even walk on a leash. It took very little effort from me because my dog was the teacher. As he got older I started reinforcing the behavior with rewards and it has stuck ever since.