How Do You Write Fiction

Everyone can start writing a story, but everyone cannot start writing wonderful fiction. Fiction is a type of story that is not based on real people or event, but it may give reference of true events. It comes out of the writer’s imagination. Here are a few tips that you must follow to create a good fiction.

Create tension initially

The first step is to create tension in the beginning of the story. It is important to create the tension that is relevant to the whole story. Tension can be created around the main character such as the character cannot save the life of his spouse or he cannot beat his rival in a game and so on.

Do not add prologue

You should not develop a prologue for your fiction story. Especially a prologue before an introduction is awful. The prologue is important for a novel, but it is not required in a fiction story.

Develop interesting characters

You must create dynamic characters that wish to pursue their own mission. For example, Harry Porter wants to beat the evil wizard, while Romeo and his lover Juliet love each other and wish to stay together. Successful authors develop characters with strong desires and ambitions to engage their readers.

Increase curiosity of the readers

Your objective is to build the curiosity of your readers and compel them to read the entire book. Many writers often end their stories with unanswered questions so that their readers are forced to think and find out the answers themselves.

Add difficulties in the lives of the characters

Fiction writers develop stories where the characters face difficult situations and overcome them at the end of the stories. The characters might overcome various obstacles such as drug addiction, jealousy of people, etc. but that they finally get rid of the problems.

Use an appropriate verb

You should use appropriate verb when you write a fiction. The verb ‘said’ is a better option than other verb such as cautioned or grumbled.

Do not use multiple exclamation points

The common rule is to use three or four exclamation points per one hundred thousand words. If you use multiple exclamations, then the stories might lose their values among the readers.

Avoid using regional dialect

You should use regional dialects occasionally. If the words are spelt phonetically and the pages are loaded with multiple apostrophes then there is a possibility that the attention of the readers might be diverted.

Do not use descriptive language

Many writers give vivid description of things as well as places and diminish the readers’ interests. Only if you are confident about your language you must describe the scenes. You should not use descriptions that hamper the storyline.

Use short paragraphs

Many readers have the tendency to skip the stories that have long sentences and paragraphs. If you use short sentences or paragraphs you are bound to draw attention of the readers.

You must read the essential fiction writing tips before you sit down to write a brilliant fiction story.

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