How to Build a Circular Deck

Circular decks are considered to be the best option when it comes to choosing a deck that possesses a curved feature that requires railings. But most platforms that possess a circular design require an immense cantilever, which is a condition that puts a limitation to the overall size of your wooden platform.

It is simply to install circular wooden platforms utilizing simple geometrical ideas with the help of a trammel, which you can buy in your local hardware. Using irregular shapes should only be applied in lower parts since it is hard to make that kind of shapes. These can be applied for big decks because the overhang that will be present in the cantilever is short compare with a circular shape.


Begin your project by embedding the posts for a cantilever platform. Use a saw to divide the joists a little longer than their original length. Carefully attach all of them to the beam and the deck ledger. Install the cross blocks in the area between the pair of joists so that you can make sure that they are secure.

Place a mark in spaces between the joists on a one by four brace and then place it to the upper portion of the joists where you want the cover of the deck to start. Evaluate the distance of the edges of the outer joists that are place at each end of the posts. Divide the measurement that you will get into two because it will allow you to know the exact radius of the curve.

You can create a trammel by attaching the end of a one by two to the center of the circle using a nail. Utilize a protractor to determine the angles that you will be utilizing to divide the joists. Place the squares that will help you to align the plot made on the joist and then discover the measurement by examining the edge that can be found in the joist to the exact pivot and placing a mark in the area where it intersects the square’s degree.

You can also utilize a combination of the square and extend the cutting marks to the front and back of the joists. Aside from that, you should also mark the lines where the curve intersects with the edge the can be found in the joists. Carefully divide the individual parts of the joists with the aid of a circular saw.

Attaching a straightedge will give you a thorough guide for the lower portion of the circular saw. On the outside portion of the joists where the curves start, place ninety-degree marks. The saw will help you to carefully divide the joists. Making a circular deck is not difficult provided that you carefully follow the directions in how to do it properly.

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