How to Build Your Custom Dream Home This Year

Building the home of your dreams could be accomplished sooner and easier than you may think. After you have an idea of the type of home you want to build, there are some easier ways to get your home built quicker. This means that you can put your dreams into high gear and have that new home built this year. Here are some tips on how you can build your custom dream home this year.

Choose Your Custom Home Style

There are many options that you have available when you choose a custom built home. At the high end, you have the luxury homes, which often enjoy gated communities and nearby golf clubs.

Among the many other beautiful options you have, you can also choose from:

* Log homes

* Ranch homes

* Colonial homes

* Cottages

* Victorian homes

* Farm houses, and more.

While these home designs are the ones that are more commonly thought of, you may also want to consider some alternative styles. These homes are becoming more popular and can often result in great savings – sometimes as much as about 75% of the costs of a more traditional home. You can choose from:

* Straw bale homes

* Earthen homes

* Cordwood homes

* Stone houses

* Barn conversion homes

Understand Your Lifestyle Needs and Design Your Home around Them

As you start to make the plans for your new home, you will need to understand your own lifestyle so that your home can be built around your needs. This will aid in the development of your floor plans and will give you a beautiful home that is also perfect for the way you live. Your custom home design then becomes an extension of you, which is the perfect environment for your needs.

Make Your Dream Home Fit Your Dreams

As you make your plans for your new dream home, you have so many options that you can put into it – and around your new home. Inside, you can make it as luxurious and comfortable as you want and can afford. All those extras can be placed where you want them.

You can add a beautiful sunroom, a den, a workshop, a game room, walk-in closets, and so much more. Then you want to add a few extras like an enclosed porch and a deck out back, as well as having a beautiful landscaped yard. Don’t forget about the hot tub and the pool. As you can see, if you want it, then now is a good time to design a special place for it – not as an afterthought. It is your house – feel free to dream.

A Custom Home Designer Can Put Your Dream Together for You

Hiring a custom home designer will enable you to keep your costs down. This will help you save a lot of money and get your house plans quicker than if you were to choose an architect. A custom home designer will also be more readily available to discuss your needs and work with you on a more personal level.

With the housing industry being a little slow this year, most likely you will be able to find a house plan designer, a contractor and a builder faster than in other years. Now is a good time to build your custom dream home.

By Tim Davis. You are invited to learn more from an experienced home draftsman of over 19 years who has drawn many hundreds of custom home plans for satisfied clients. Visit his Web site at Custom House Plans and learn more about how he can design your unique dream home for you.


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  1. CountryGirl says:

    I’m showing this one to my husband, I would love to have a log home or Victorian!