How to Choose an Ad Title That Sells in Google Adwords

First you have to open an account at Google Adwords so you can place an Ad on this Major Search Engine. This Search Engine delivers High Quality

Traffic provided you know the Techniques on where and how to get the Quality Traffic from this Search Engine. Once you have the account get familiarize with the site. To start placing an Ad, you will design your own Ad Copy for your Ad Campaign. Just prepare one Ad with the intention of deleting later, Just for you to experience how it operates. You will be required to submit keywords for your Ad. You can generate few keywords from the site itself. Once you have the keywords That Ad is ready for placement. This is just for your practice Ad placement. Your second Ad, Before you design your Ad copy, We will do the reverse approach. Let’s do the research first for you to know what relevant keywords that you need to use for the Title for your Ad Copy. This is very Important because Google Adword has a rating system on the Click To Ratio (CTR) for the positioning of your site in the Search Engine. If you have high rating on CTR, You will have the high priority against your competitor using the same keyword.

Example for this, Once a surfer uses the keyword Callaway Golf Bag, This is a very highly relevant keyword If your Ad Title is Callaway Golf Bag, Your subtitle will be Brand New Callaway Golf Bag, and one of the keyword you use is Callaway Golf Bag, or you can use your sub title as one of your keywords. This keyword will trigger to your site. However, if you have a low rating on CTR, Your competitor who has a higher rating will be the first that Google Adword will serve. Thus, the click will go to your competitor instead of your site getting that Quality traffic. Let’s do the research first for you to get a keyword that will generate high traffic and at the same time you will use this as the Title of your Ad Copy. Go to keyword tool, Click on it and when you’re at the keyword tool page, you type a sample keyword, Then keyword tool will show you many keywords related to what you type together with the Statistics on How many surfer using the keyword and the number of competitors. In This approach, You can choose the Best Ad Title to be use for your Ad Copy and the relevant keywords you need to use.

This will generate high Quality traffic for as long as you use the very highly relevant keywords in your Ad campaign. Conversion rate here is very high. If you hit a conversion rate of 1:40, meaning for 40 clicks one is converted into a sale, This is fair enough. Your job doesn’t stop here. You need to learn a lot of Techniques in Internet Marketing for you to Succeed. More knowledge will generate more Income!

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See you on your success!
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