How to Speed Up My Computer For Free – 3 “Surefire” Steps to Take

If you’ve been asking yourself “how to speed up my computer for free”, there is plenty of info online about this topic. But much of it is not accurate–so here are 3 steps to make it happen NOW.

STEP #1) “Clear” the hard drive

Make sure you investigate your hard drive and see how much room is available on it. Often times the best free solution is just eliminating applications you don’t currently use.

If you find there isn’t much room than I highly encourage you to take this step. It will take some time but it will be well worth it.


If you find something that hasn’t been used for 2-3 months-get rid of it. Don’t keep it around thinking you “might” use it down the road. Trust me–you won’t.

The other benefit of eliminating files is that it allows you to be more organized and find what you are looking for faster. This is because you don’t have to sort through a bunch of useless files before you find what you want.

I recently went through and did this process and was astonished at how much more “clear headed “I felt without all those needless files junking up my system.

Rather than opening my computer to find 100 different icons staring at me, all I had was 3. That brings us to…

STEP #2) Get rid of needless “icons”

This alone will save you a lot of room even if you don’t go the extra mile and actually delete the program entirely (which you should).

The icons by themselves are quite space-consuming so I strongly recommend this step. This is definitely one of the best free tips to speed up your computer NOW.


Also make sure to do thisyour hard drive every so often–I recommend every 7 to 14 days. What this does is basically re-organize your files in a systematic way that allows your machine to sort through them better.

Obviously the PC has to first FIND the files to run them–and if they haven’t been arranged well this can take a long time.

If different programs are all lumped together–you can imagine the chaos this can cause. This method will help you improve your desktop speed without deleting any files at all.

So back to the original question…

“How to speed up my computer for free” – Test these steps one at a time, and you should see a big boost in your performance shortly.

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  1. TheBestOfTheBest says:

    Another piece of advice that would have been good to include in this article, would have been telling them how to check their computer for viruses and malware as this will help a lot of people with slow computers.