How to Win Playing Solitaire

How many of you have played Solitaire in Windows and can’t seem to get past that gosh darn 33% win ratio? It gets frustrating, I know. I’ve tried to get past that 33% for quite a while now. One day though, I started remembering certain of the games I played that always, for the most part that is, were winners. The process is simple…

When you open Solitaire to begin a new game, if there are at least 2 Aces on the board, play that game. If the board opens up with less than 2 Aces, press the F2 button to load the game until you have 2 or more Aces on the board. For some reason if you start off a game with 2 Aces, you have a 50% to 65% chance of winning.

If you have 3 Aces, which is rare, there is probably an 85% chance of winning.

I’m going to keep experimenting to see if there other ways of getting the win percentages up. More later…

This morning I was just killing time so I used the principle I described above. Below are the results…

Later on, I picked up the same series of games using the same principle. Out of 16 games, I won 13… How about that???



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  1. Weaver Wife Weaver Wife says:

    The secrets revealed!!!!!! My husband will never know what hit him, I won’t tell him where it came from.