Importance Of Water In Our Diet

One of the factors that affects our serum cholesterol levels is our weight.

“If you are overweight or obese, losing even just a few pounds can help lower your cholesterol level. There is no magical formula for weight loss, of course, but reducing portion sizes and cutting out things you can easily live without, such as sweetened beverages, is a good place to start. The average American now gets more than 20 percent of calories from beverages, many of them sweetened with sugar. Switching to diet sodas or water is painless and can make a big difference in total calories.”

By eliminating this source of calories, can help lower our weight, and we will notice a decrease in serum cholesterol levels at the same time.

And According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. ©…

“Water itself – not caffeinated beverages that further dehydrate – is a better cholesterol-lowering medication than any chemical on the market. It is absolutely safe and not harmful to the body, like the dangerous medications now used. Try it out.

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For every one serving of a caffeinated beverage we should drink one equal serving of water to help balance out the effects of the caffeine.

I enjoy starting my day off with a tall glass of cold water, and will drink water with meals, and throughout the day.

Physiologists have recommended that by drinking enough water, we can also avoid the “false hunger” that causes us to eat more than we should, allowing us to take in more calories than we can process, resulting in more fat, and higher cholesterol.

I know water is not a food, but it is the perfect drink for our bodies. It has zero calories, zero fat, and it goes with everything.

Think about having a tall glass of water next time you’re thirsty, your body will thank you.

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