Marriage: Maintaining an Age Long Institution

Marriage is the union of 2 persons who decided to spend the rest of their lives together from a certain point of time; or at least, that was what it was supposed to be. Nowadays, marriages are so fragile and can be dismantled like furniture.
The real joy that one should derive from marriage is rarely experienced for long, if it were experienced on the onset usually. Somehow, after the honeymoon period, married couples seem to lack the joy in their marriages, but many marriages can be saved and last if one chooses to make it work.

Marriage can be said to be the world’s oldest institution recognizing the coming together of two people in union for the purpose of procreation and companionship. Though there are variations in marriages all over the world, it does carry similar connotations around the world such as a union between a man and a woman, procreation, companionship, responsibility to care, provide and fend for the family members.

Types of Marriages
There are many types of marriages in the different societies of the world today. There is exogamy which occurs outside the normal or preferred class, race, religion or caste system, and endogamy which occurs within the expected group or category such as race, religion and culture.

Marriages can be monogamous, polygamous, polygynous, polyandrous, inter caste, arranged or hyper-gamy. Of course, love marriages occur more frequently with the liberalization of societies where people prefer to select their own partner. No matter what type of marriage one may be in, it is not a bed of roses as one might assume.

Working on the marriage
Hence, marriage is to be worked at in order for it to be successful. It is a relationship between the 2 persons who are committed to each other’s happiness. Simple actions and a kind word can boost up its health barometer such as taking out the garbage on your own initiative, buying a special lingerie for her birthday, flowers and chocolates of her liking, a pleasant surprise, some intimate moments together, communicating patiently, loving the crazy ideas and behavior, able to view partner’s faults with a twinkle in the eye and forbearing with each other’s idiosyncrasies.

It is quite normal for a marriage to start off well, but as the years go by, the sparks tend to fizzle out. Hence, one must learn to work on it to keep the sparks constant as with any fire analogy. When one or the other party in slacks at working on it, it is headed for trouble. But there are many simple alternatives to spice up like a romantic dinner or a special night just for the two of you.

Intimacy between two persons is crucial to the health of the marriage. Intimacy is not all about sex; there are times when both parties need a change to bring a new spark. Donning seductive lingerie can bring on new excitement to your spouse and spice up the marriage. Sexy lingerie can induce passion and move it off the rocky road to safer paths.

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