Mommy, I’m Bored!

Imagine this:  Its a soggy summertime day, the kids are all at home, and are weary of lying about with nothing to do.  The programs on TV are getting repetitive, and they aren’t interested in reading books.  Their tedium is foremost in their thoughts, and they just will not cease sounding off about it.

How can you ease the ennui?  It is time to show your creativity and have them doing a fun activity.  Naturally, depending on the individualized characteristics of the youngsters, there are many amusing things you can do together.  Maybe It is time to do some hand crafts.  Perhaps your kids would love producing scrapbooks. Before you go zipping off to a handy computer game store for the latest package for the PS3, consider making some things to do at home.

You could download sheets for your youngsters to color (or do in watercolor) from assorted internet sites.  It is less costly and faster than going out and obtaining a coloring book which the children want, and to boot, it can be created with little or no notice.  As you can print the sheets on-demand, you don’t waste money and paper by buying a extended book that gets used once and then is disregarded.

Another possibility is to get pages of mazes, crosswords or word searches for them to complete.  These could aid in relieving some tedium, and simultaneously promote the use of their brains. While initially they may not care for these activities as much as the latest computer game, it will turn out to be better overall for their maturation.

If you witness the same old complaint of ennui, rather than going shopping for another game, go to your computer.  See if you can’t find them something quicker to acquire and less expensive too.  The internet has many resources for such occasions, and for home-schooling your kids as well.  Your imaginativeness may require a bit of support, but be sure that there are options out there befitting to your unique requirements and for your particular kids’ requirements.

Article by Shawn Smithteem. For related information, view: free printable mazes or Printable Coloring Pages.

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