Promotion of Your Website for Dummies and the Uninformed

You have built your handy dandy, do it all, all things to all people web site and you are wanting others to know about it. Right? Here is a step by step guide to getting your website noticed on the web.

Step 1

Build keyword rich meta tags into your pages. These are a must for search engine placement. You can go to sites that offer free tools to build these for you like offered at Scrub the Web which will lead you through the entire process.

Step 2

Submit your site to the search engines. You can either do this manually by going to each individual search engine and add your URL or use a software program or service.

Step 3

Place a blog or article page on your site. Make sure you link to it on your site on every page. Here you can post your thoughts and useful information about your site. This is a major tool that the search engines will love because of the content. And keep the content fresh.

Step 4

Write articles directly related to the subject of your site and submit them to article directories. Then post these articles to your blog or article page. This is a must! When the article directories publish your articles, place the URL to your article on theses directory sites on your article on your site. This creates effective back links. You need to write a fresh and informative article at least once a week.

Step 5

Search the web for sites that are similar to yours and ask them in an email if they are willing to exchange links. Those links will increase your sites popularity with the search engines and hopefully increase your site ranking.

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