Save Your Marriage Ladies and Gentlemen

Are you wanting to become a statistic? Well, if you allow your marriage to go down the tubes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. If your marriage ends, you will become one out three unions that end because one or both of you refuse to do the right thing.

Men, this may sound a little old fashioned but being a real man doesn’t mean how much beer you can drink or how many conquests you can hide from your wife. Grow up my friend. A wife needs a strong husband that will love, protect and be faithful to her. She also needs someone who cares about her more than himself.

The largest mistake a young man makes when he gets married is expecting to have a play thing for the rest of his life. Big mistake sir. God created her as a help meet with whom you have become one with. She’s meant to be the one who walks by your side and not your servant.

Ladies, this may sound a little old fashioned to you too but if your husband wants to be the man you crave, you need to support and encourage him. The biggest mistake a young bride makes is entering a marriage with the intent of changing him into what they expect him to be.

And here is the biggey. You two are going to grow older. Sooner or later each of you are going to show it. Don’t fool yourself. Things are going to happen less frequently like sex. If she has had kids, don’t be surprised if the little lady you married gets a bit more fluffy. It happens. Quit acting like it’s her fault. That’s what happened with my darling wife. I just had to resolve myself that there was more to love. If she can loose the weight and is willing, you need to encourage her. He could use that type of encouragement too for that matter ma’am.

Marriage means the two of you are supposed to become one. Not only physically but also spiritually. There needs to be communication between you two, time spent together, and some re-sparking of that romance you probably thought you didn’t need any more.

Stand together and be of one mind when it comes to raising your kids. There is nothing more destructive to a marriage as being divided on how the kids should be brought up or even allowing the kids to divide you by playing one against the other.

Some of the strongest marriages, believe it or not, are those where husband, wife, and kids are in a good, bible based church together. Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s worked for my wife and I for the past forty one years. Hey, I’m a pastor. You can’t expect me not to mention that.

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