Snakes Of North America

Poisonous Snakes Of North America

  • Rattlesnakes.—There are thirteen species of Rattlesnakes, all poisonous, found in North America, and one in South America, and there are none anywhere else. They are: Dog-faced Rattlesnakes, Texas Rattlesnakes, Timber Rattlesnakes, Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Prairie Rattlesnakes, Pacific Rattlesnakes, Tiger Rattlesnakes, Horned Rattlesnakes, Green Rattlesnakes, White Rattlesnakes, Massasangas, Edwards’ Massasangas, Ground Rattlesnakes.
  • Besides these, there are the Water Moccasin, the Copper-head, the Harlequin Snake, and the Coral Snake of Sonora.

    The most deadly poisonous Snake in the world aside from the Rattlesnake is the Cobra of India, the most intelligent snake of the whole Ophidian family.

Non poisonous Snakes Of North America

Among the great creeping and running number of harmless Snakes are:

  • the King Snake
  • the Chain Snake
  • the Gopher Snake
  • the Black Snake
  • the Pine Snake
  • the Coach-whip Snake
  • the Garter Snake
  • the Water Snake
  • the Hog-nosed Snake or Blowing Viper
  • the Indigo Snake
  • the Glass Snake.
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