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CAD Drawings Recycled

I’ve been drawing residential homes for the better part of 30 years and the majority of those homes were drawn on CAD programs like General CADD, (Generic CADD) AutoCAD, or CADVance. And of all things that collect over the years are not only the sets of drawings but the special details and sections included in • Read More »

The Ability To Draw House Plans

It wasn’t until I started teaching it, that I realized how many were interested in the field of architectural drafting. But having an interest and actually being committed enough to complete the education are two distinctly different things all together. There has to be a certain amount of ambition that goes into learning such a • Read More »

Creating House Plans

The field of technical illustration known as architectural draftsmen or drafters are the specialists who draw the architectural and structural features of a building for new construction. These professionals may specialize in various types of building, like residential, structural, or commercial. A major part of these people use a tool called a CAD or Computer • Read More »

What the Machine Drafter Should Know

When studying machine drawing, it’s important to know what’s involved in becoming a drafter who, instead of just making drawings of the plans of others, is just as able to do original drawings themselves. To begin with, the ability to originate or make improvements on plans and designs can be developed by studying what others • Read More »