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An Education In Mechanical Drafting

Drafting is a form of graphic expression so it is therefore a type of language. When applied in the engineering field, drawing or drafting is mechanical in character and is used primarily for the purpose of communicating information related to the construction of machines and structures. It is then reasonable to believe that the methods • Read More »

What is a CAD Program

The acronym CAD stands for Computer Aided Drafting or CADD which is Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Simply put, a CAD program is a drafting board built into a computer program. But it’s even more than that! The accuracy obtained in these programs can be measured to 1/1000 of an inch, even though this can • Read More »

Drawing An Architectural Roof Plan

If you’ve ever looked over a set of house plans, you should find several pages containing a floor plan or plans, electrical plan, exterior views or elevations, etc. The roof plan is sometimes overlooked on some plans but it is actually a very important feature to a full set of plans. A roof plan is • Read More »

Preparations For Drawing A Floor Plan On A Drafting Board

What’s needed: * A drafting board of Course. Probably best to use one that will hold a twenty four inch wide by eighteen inch high sheet of paper. * A Tee Square or Parallel Bar. This way you can draw the floor plan square. Accuracy is important. The Tee square is used on the left • Read More »